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What Is the Best Seat Cushion Material: Gel or Memory Foam?

The workplace cubicle doesn`t usually experience like a totally pricey place, and that has loads to do with the cheap, uncomfortable table chairs that commonly inhabit the ones spaces, now no longer to say the truth that you`re sitting for lengthy intervals of time. This can in reality lower your productiveness due to the fact you is probably greater targeted to your returned ache as opposed to your paintings at hand. 

 This is whilst a seat or returned cushion could are available handy. Placing those to your workplace chair will let you sit up straight, feeling cushty at some point of the day. In addition to enhancing productiveness, this can additionally heighten your mood, making a secular day withinside the workplace experience a chunk greater elegant. 

 This is mainly important whilst running from home, as it’s far a good deal less complicated to be distracted in the course of the workday. With a gel infused reminiscence foam seat cushion, you`ll by no means need to go away your chair.

We don’t think much about sitting. We sit and eat, drive, work, drink coffee and watch TV. You may be sitting straight. It’s a daily activity that people do without thinking too much. Until the pain begins. If you are suffering from back pain, you know how uncomfortable it is to sit down and do the most mundane activities of your daily routine. But dare, there is a solution for back pain. It is a seat cushion. They provide peace of mind so that you can spend the day painlessly. If you are looking for a new seat cushion, you already know that there are two main categories: gel cushions and memory foam cushions. At The Bedding Royal, comfort comes first. With that in mind, we’ve put together everything you need to know about memory foam and gel pillows.

What Are Memory Foam Seat Cushions?

Memory foam was developed by NASA over 50 years ago. Their goal was to provide better seat pads and impact protection for both pilots and passengers. Memory foam, also known as temper foam, combines viscoelastic polyurethane with a variety of other chemicals to fit the seat cushion to the body and facilitate the following: 



• density 

This combination of materials keeps the foam or cells inside the foam open, allowing air to move freely. This will help you create the best breathable back pillow. Memory foam pillows combine viscosity and elasticity. This provides a material that can be reshaped to fit the user’s body and stretch as it returns to its original shape. 

What Is Gel-Infused Seat Cushions?

Memory foam cushions that are rich in gel are called gel seat cushions. To make gel memory foam, add cooling gel or gel beads to the memory foam. This is a great option if you get hot while sitting. The gel removes heat and increases the breathability of the material. Compared to the Memory Foam, the gel-reinforced seat cushion feels stiffer. The gel-moulded seat cushion also fits your body, but because it is solid, it does not become the original subduction cushion for memory foam pillows. Another difference between them is that the gel microbeads give the memory foam a high density. This means that you feel firm when you touch it. If the density of the memory foam is too low for your needs, gel pillows are the best choice.

Memory Foam and Gel Seat Cushion Benefits

Improves Health

Pillows made from these two materials, thanks to the cutout design, reduce the strain on your back and lower back when sitting for long periods of time. This design provides proper support for these parts of the body and helps relieve back pain, coccyx pressure and hip pain. The weight is evenly distributed on the seat, reducing the load. A good memory or gel foam pillow can also help prevent spinal health problems such as sciatica and herniated discs.

Improves Posture

It has been scientifically proven that sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy. This can cause both circulatory and back problems. Good spinal alignment helps prevent chronic illness. Investing in high quality seat cushions for office chairs and car seats means that you don’t have to constantly readjust or mess with them. Instead, you can focus on your work and increase your energy level. In addition, adjustable straps and a non-slip rubber base keep the pillow in place.


A cushion from a reputable manufacturer like The Bedding Royal will be thick, durable, and long-lasting. These cushions are also very easy to clean. Most of them come with a removable and washable cover. Just put it in the washing machine and it’s like new. Or, you can wipe the mattress with a damp cloth.

Memory and Gel Foam Seat Cushion Differences 


Density is an important factor to consider when using a mattress for long periods of time. Low-density memory foam will begin to soften and sink over time. On the other hand, a high-density cushion will give you permanent comfort and won’t lose shape. If you want a firmer pillow, consider gel seat cushions, as gel foam particles make the memory foam denser.

Heat Retention

The memory foam seat cushion is impregnated with gel containing microbeads to keep the material cool and prevent the user from overheating. Pro tip: Find a seat cushion that is not only gel-absorbent but also ventilated. This will relieve pressure and leave you feeling refreshed. On the other hand, one of the most common problems with memory foam pillows is that they retain a lot of heat. Fortunately, modern manufacturers like The Bedding Royal have a lot of improvements and tweaks to solve this problem. Bedding Royal uses eco-friendly recycled polyester, which is breathable and moisture-wicking. You’ll stay cool even during summer heatwaves.

Memory Foam vs. Gel-Infused Cushion Seat: The Verdict

We’ve covered what they are, as well as their similarities and differences. Now is the time to decide. What is the best seat cushion for your needs? Our vote goes to the memory foam mattress. After all, who are we to not support a NASA invention? But we’ve made some tweaks ourselves to bring you the best pressure-resistant seat cushion on the market. Why do we think memory foam wins gold?

Because our ergonomic seat cushion is patented by our in-house ergonomic experts and scientifically designed to reduce or prevent back problems. Do you know? – Our soft, supple activated foam – extracted from charcoal. This serves a dual purpose: 

 • Prevent odour 

 • Fits the legs and hips naturally to release tension in the muscles 

 You will feel like you are sitting on a cloud.  But that’s not the end of this chair cushion’s amazing features: 

 • Removable shell made from recycled materials will keep you cool all day. 

• Ergonomic design improves posture.  

• Portable – whether you use it on a home office chair or a kitchen chair, you get all the lumbar support you need.  

• Non-slip bottom – grooved bottom easily secures the cushion to the seat. For better lumbar support and good lower back pain relief, combine your chair cushion with a low back pain relief lumbar pillow.

You also can consider using a foot rest pillow to go underneath your desk and support your legs. These provide arch support and can help fight off fatigue, letting you feel energized all day long. Elevating your feet in this way can help to improve your overall posture and reduce pressure from the hard floor.

You could also pair the seat cushion with this u-shaped travel neck pillow made out of the same cooling gel infused memory foam to fully ensure that your car rides are as cozy as possible and your spine remains perfectly aligned. These are much better than a regular pillow for sleeping during travel, as their design will keep your neck straight the entire time. It makes for a cozy and painless trip from start to finish.

Seat cushions are the perfect companion for those who work from home, travel a lot or like to relax, especially if they are made from special gel-infused activated foam. You can relieve neck, back, sciatica and leg pain almost immediately. Better posture can lead to better mood and improved productivity. 

 You can even pair your seat cushion with a variety of other products, like a lumbar pillow or travel pillow, to really maximize its benefits. All of these factors combined will help ensure that you don’t see the negative effects of bad posture in your life. If you are good with your body, your body will definitely be good again!

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