Vancouver Pest Control for Ants and Myths about Ants

You shouldn’t underestimate ants when they infest a property. An ant infestation can empty your pantry in a week. Plus, ants can spread diseases and crawl over you while you sleep at night. A large ant infestation is difficult to control. Plus, you will not like family to catch food-borne diseases because of ants. Power pest control Thus, the right thing for homeowners is to avail of Vancouver pest control for ant extermination. You may think of getting rid of ants yourself through over-the-counter products or natural home remedies. However, DIY techniques will not aid you in getting rid of ants permanently from your property in Vancouver.

Why Are Ants Bad?

Some people don’t realize the consequences of ant infestation. Although ants are not the worst pests, yet these tiny insects can create fair problems. Firstly, you cannot sight all ants in one area on your property even though they travel in groups usually. Some ants may spread in your kitchen or pantry searching for food. Some ants may prefer a bathroom and spread germs all around it. You will not want to eat ant-contaminated food and catch germs at the same time because of ants. Therefore, you cannot take ant infestation lightly if ants invade your home in Vancouver.

Myths about Ants:-

Here are misconceptions that people have about ants:

1. Ants Can Damage the Entire Home: Almost 100% of ants spread germs, whereas the remaining portion damage structures. Carpenter ants are responsible for structural damages to properties. These ants also chew up wood, similar to termites. However, these ants don’t feed on wood but utilize wood to make their nest. You will not want your wood structures to become the victim of carpenter ants. Plus, you will prefer your property to look pleasing to you and those who visit it. Even if you suspect a carpenter ant infestation, you must take advantage of Vancouver pest control for ant extermination.

2. Ants Are Pristine Pests: You may think like some other people that ants are pristine pests. Ants are not inherently dirty pests, yet ants walk through things like urine, dirt, & decompose food. Plus, ants are not like humans and don’t wash their hands. They spread bacteria from one area to another. Ant-contaminated objects are the reason why many people catch food-related diseases, such as E.coli, Shigella, and Salmonella.

3. Ants Only Infest Dirty Places: Usually, pests don’t infest a place, that is, clean and sterile at the same time. Therefore, you may think that if there are no food scraps in your home, ants can’t steal food. However, ants can infest both dirty and clean spaces. 

Nevertheless, you need to clean-up spills to ensure ants don’t find a way to infest your property and steal food. Ants can infest a residential or commercial space because of the weather. They may also invade your property if they can smell something nice. Plus, ants may invade through open doors if property owners are careless.

4. Natural Ant Control Methods Always Work: You may have heard of or know a few natural ant control methods. Natural ant methods may work for you for a short period or when ant infestation is small. Moreover, you may fail at getting rid of ants through a natural remedy even if the infestation is small. It is where one must realize the effectiveness of professional pest control for ant removal. 

Professionals know how to identify ants, their nesting place and get rid of them permanently. Moreover, professional ant control is a long-term solution for property owners in Vancouver.


If you have ants on your property, you shouldn’t take the matter lightly. Additionally, a smaller ant infestation can turn into a larger infestation if you don’t act against ants. Ants are bad for fair reasons. You and your family may suffer from food-borne diseases if ants invade your property. Additionally, there are four misconceptions about ants that you must know about, mentioned below:

1. Ants Can Damage the Entire Home

2. Ants Are Pristine Pests

3. Ants Only Infest Dirty Places

4. Natural Ant Control Methods Always Work

You may prefer to get rid of ants yourself from a property if they infest it or the infestation is small. Nevertheless, you should consult professionals in Vancouver for pest control, ant removal, and deal with pest infestation successfully.

You can feel free to contact Pesticon Canada ( to get rid of the pests from your property in Vancouver, a pest control company that is an expert at pest control, including rodents, bed bugs, roaches, ants, mosquitoes, termites, and more alongside animal control in Vancouver.

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