Types of Road Bikes and the Best Uses for Each

When you walk into a bike shop looking for your next ride, try not to worry too much about the myriad of bikes designed for every conceivable purpose. Whether you’re on the road for hours or days, there’s a special bike for every need.

Eternal competition

In fact, this type of bike surpasses nothing, is light enough for climbing and aerodynamic enough for quick springs, while offering all-day comfort. A versatile road bike may weigh little more than a climbing bike and be less flexible than a flying bike, but the versatility of a universal road bike is hard to beat.


If climbing is your thing, you want to ride the lightest bike possible. Thanks to the super-thin tubes and ultra-light components, the climbing bike almost feels like a leap at every crank.


The tubular shapes of the pneumatic wheels are optimized to reduce the aerodynamic traction of the frame. If you are a sprinter or have a clear fan of speed, you need a motorcycle. The airways often have more carbon, which can make driving a little safer, to create windproof frames. Due to the extra carbon, the air bike can weigh a little more than a multipurpose road bike or climbing bike.

Time travel

These one-way bikes are designed to go as fast as possible. The test bike puts you in an aerodynamic position and if you don’t train it can be a little uncomfortable. As with road bikes, proven bikes require more carbon to build and can weigh more than other types of bikes. Timed bikes are not the same as triathlon bikes as they must comply with the UCI international cycling rules regarding frame size.


The frame and frame size may be banned by the UCI, but allow for less traction in windy conditions than other types of racing bikes. Tricycles also have an integrated reservoir and fluid reservoir which may not be available during the test cycle.

Duration is lost

The geometry and design of the Endurance wheels put the rider in a slightly more accurate position and can give him more comfort than a road bike with a longer head, less vertical seats, and frame materials that prefer flexibility and comfort. Ground clearance for tires wider than 25mm is now standard; Wider tires can run at lower pressures, which means more comfort.


Cyclocross – a hybrid of the off-road bike and road bike – is built with plenty of ground clearance around the rear wheel, allowing for wider tires and lots of mud. The current trend in dirt bikes is to reduce the likelihood of simplicity and mechanical failure with a single gear called “one on one”. “Mountain bikes are versatile and can be used for commuting, cycling or gravel.


Gravel wheels, sometimes called adventure bikes, have geometry similar to endurance bikes and room for wide tires. Some gravel bikes have storage and display clips and can be supplied with the 1×11 or 1×12 vehicle. These bikes are comfortable on both paved and cobbled roads. The geometry is not as aggressive as a mountain bike and the good quality of the saddle is like a solid bike for a long day.

Bicycle packing

Bicycle frames, formerly known as touring bicycles, provide connection points for holding screens and gears. Weight is less important on this bike than the durability and stability of a multi-day adventure on paved roads and off-road. Road bikes tires can be wider than regular road tires for comfort and control.


The commuter bike can be any bike, such as a convertible single wheel or road bike. But go to a bike shop and you’ll find that busy commuters already have screens and roof racks. These bikes often have flat handlebars so that the cyclist can see and see the traffic.

electric bicycle

E-bike versions can be commuter bikes, mountain bikes / mountain bikes, or racing bikes. EBike can accelerate you from a minimum speed of 40km / h to 40mph and help your foot – up to a preset speed – with the engine running. The battery life of an electric bicycle depends on many variables: rider’s weight, terrain, road conditions, ambient temperature


Hybrids combine the features of road and off-road bikes, front suspension hybrids, flat handlebars for commuting, wider tire-like wheels and tires, and a geometry that’s as relaxed and non-aggressive as a gravel bike.

Why is these bike are getting so popular?

In case you didn’t know, the “N + 1” rule was to offer bikes as long as the bikes were available. The variable “N” describes the bikes you currently have, so there is always room for an accessory in the garage with this formula. Over time, it rarely accumulates a large number of trips. It could be a road bike you ride, a road bike you train on, a mountain bike (hightail and full suspension), single speed, wheeled, triathlon bike – the possibilities are almost endless.

While we can’t agree with this logic, in recent years there has been a growing trend for cyclists to perfect their shelters, with some opting for the “all-in-one thing” rather than bikes for each discipline. .

To be clear, there is no perfect choice – bikes are designed specifically for a particular use for a reason – but for that reason, everything – in a bike – can be precisely identified.

Simplicity is everything

Owning multiple bicycles is often very tiring. Not only do you have to maintain these bikes (change chains, brakes, tires or handles, check tire wear, rebuild annually), but also keep them in your hand.

Rise wheel gravel

The bicycle industry has recognized the need to do this. Gravel bikes have become very popular in recent years, along with mixed gravel / terrain races and organized races.

Start with the right frame and handrails

If you choose to make a custom construction, the frame is the most important container when building a multipurpose building. Lay the groundwork – you need something that works for you, is durable, and fits your budget. Remember, this bike should be strong enough to pump a distance, but not be too heavy on the road for miles faster. As already mentioned, tire approval is very important for the vehicle. Make sure you choose a frame / fork that has plenty of room for different tire options and sizes. This frame isn’t the best fit for everything, but it has to fit everywhere.

Accessories and components

The all-rounder can only survive with a multitude of accessories and parts in various applications. This includes various lengths of rods, cassettes, tires, wheels and accessories such as frames and baskets. To perform bicycle activities, it is possible and much cheaper to operate the bicycle.

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