Traditional Ways to Celebrate Karwa Chauth this Year

Karwa Chauth is a celebration that honours the religious bond between husband and wife. All married ladies fast throughout the entire day for their spouse’s longevity and happiness in life.  It is also a meaningful festival for married couples to stay together. There are some essential rituals of celebrating this religious festival of the year. Husbands also plan some beautiful Karwa Chauth gift for husband online to surprise their wives. It is a grand celebration for married couples to cherish some happy memories of togetherness. They also try some interesting things to make this celebration memorable. All married women also organise a traditional gathering to mark this religious festival. You have many traditional ways to commemorate Karwa Chauth with other married women. It is necessary to follow all the rituals and traditions of this remarkable event of the Hindus.

Here are some traditional approaches to celebrate this religious festival of Karwa Chauth

Beautiful Traditional Dress:

Karwa Chauth is a special day dedicated to God’s worship. There are many cultures that married women follow on this religious occasion. They have to wear traditional attire to commemorate this memorable festival of the year. Married women have to wear their favourite clothes to feel the essence of this grand celebration. You can also purchase a new traditional dress to celebrate this remarkable event of the year. Most of the women wear red and orange traditional dresses to mark Karwa Chauth every year.  They also capture some beautiful pictures of the day to remember this special day.

Attractive Jewellery:

Women like to wear their favourite jewellery items on their memorable occasions. So, Karwa Chauth is also the best event of the year when they require luxury jewellery and ornaments. You need to get ready for the religious rituals by wearing traditional jewellery. It is one of the essential things that resemble the married woman’s enthusiasm to celebrate this special day. Some women also wear floral ornaments to mark this celebration traditionally. All the women get ready by wearing jewellery of their choice to celebrate Karwa Chauth and feel blessed to see their partners.

Prepare Sargi for Karwa Chauth:

Married ladies must prepare Sargi for eating in the early morning on Karwa Chauth Sargi. Mother-in-law primarily makes it for her daughter-in-law to shower her with love and blessings on this special day. It contains many food items such as dried fruits, fresh fruits, sweets, Fenia, and fried potatoes, among other things. It is the first ritual before starting the Karwa Chauth fast.  According to Indian custom, Sargi food should be consumed while sitting in the east direction. It will give you with an extraordinary strength and positivity for the whole day. So, you need to follow this first tradition of the Karwa Chauth.

House Decoration:

The first step is to clean your home a day before the Karwa Chauth. You can also create some lovely designs on the walls by adding flowers and ribbons. You can even make a Rangoli to adorn your Pooja area. It will help in making your home appealing for the occasion. You need to add some flower arrangements near the worship place to mark this religious event. Place fresh flowers in front of your entrance to bring happiness into the home. The main reason for decorating a house is to feel the positivity and joy of the celebration.

Fast Completion Ceremony:

In the evening, you should make all necessary preparations for the Karwa Chauth Puja practices. Go to your local temple to worship God and pray for your husband’s well-being. After that, you have to wait until the moon rises to break your Karwa Chauth fast. Then finish your fast by doing all other rites with your husband. Take your husband’s blessings to help you achieve your goals. Then you have to drink water from his hands. You can also order Karwa Chauth gifts for him to showcase your immense love on this memorable day. You have to celebrate this religious festival by completing all the rituals of the day.

Enjoy Delicious Food:

Karwa Chauth is a day-long fast for women, and they may feel low in the evening. So, you can enjoy delicious food after completing practising all the rituals. It is the right time to have a special dinner with your husband and celebrate this Karwa Chauth at home. You can even plan to visit a famous restaurant to experience some additional food items and desserts. It depends on you to enjoy all the happy memories of the day with your spouse. You should eat healthy at the end of this memorable day.

All of these are the traditional ways to mark this religious Karwa Chauth celebration of the year. You can add on some exciting things to make it more remarkable and enjoyable.

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