Top 8 E-Liquids to Check-In 2021 That You Will Love

Cart packaging has been a hot topic for vape businesses in recent years. In the vape industry, vape cart packaging refers to custom printed cardboard boxes specifically designed to carry vape products and E-Liquid bottles. As vape carts gain popularity, the demand for custom printed cardboard boxes to hold these vape carts securely. But why would you want your own branded vape cart?

It is an innovative way to create custom vape cart boxes and custom vape box packaging for your E-Liquids businesses. Like many other trends in the vape industry, vape cart packaging has its roots rooted back in 2012 when vape shops started popping up everywhere. 

There was no such thing as vape carts or vape carts that you could customize with your logo and design back then. But today’s modern world of technology has allowed us to take our customization game to another level! Custom printed cardboard boxes are now the go-to for any new E-Liquid business looking for a little bit of help with their branding efforts.

Faced with hundreds of options, our taste buds were at a loss – until we came up with the only sensible solution. We asked experts in their fields to tell us what they thought was tastiest and safest for you or your loved ones!

Choosing which e-liquid flavors are difficult. What one person might love may not be even remotely close to another’s cup of tea and picking just 8 out of all those possibilities proved impossible.


The vape market has taken off in recent years, and it’s not only because of its reputation as a healthier alternative to smoking. The range of fruit flavors available is endless, with the grape being just one example that can be found across the counter at your local vaping store or convenience mart. This fruity flavor will take you back to when grapes are fresh from the freezer – cool on contact but juicy enough for an intense taste sensation! If menthol isn’t quite what you’re after, then try our other amazing options like strawberry ice cream-flavored e-juice; creamy chocolate fudge made up into delicious cotton candy clouds.


Watermelon Breeze is the perfect way to get your watermelon fix. With a sweet taste, it’s refreshingly fruity with an icy edge that will kick you back into reality! Available in two nicotine salt strengths, whether you want something light or stronger, Watermelons are waiting to be vaped inside of this collection.

Watermelon Breeze is like the icy cool water of a refreshing summer drink. The sweet taste of juicy, ripe fruit knocks your socks off without being too sugary or sticky – it’s perfect for any day! Choose from two nicotine strengths: 0mg salt and 3mg salt to find the best flavor profile that suits you best.


Paradise Lagoon is the perfect tropical e-liquid for any day. The company combines sweet, tangy pineapple with refreshing citrus and papaya to create a taste that will leave you wanting more! And don’t forget about those fruity exhale undertones that will keep you coming back for more.


Peach Habanero Chili may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking to add a little spice to your vape life, then this is the vape juice flavor for you! Exotic peach and spicy habanero sauce are blended together in one perfect vape experience. You’ll enjoy every inhale with the taste of succulent fruitiness while also getting an incredible kick at the end from those fiery peppers. With two nicotine strengths available – 0mg salt and 18mg salt – there’s something for all vapers out there!


This vape is a sweet and tangy experience; you won’t get bored in a hurry. The perfect balance of tartness mixed with sweetness will give your mouth just what it’s looking for full-on flavor! This berry-packed, fruity vaping experience has been made to satiate your taste buds just right. Perfect for pod kits or vape pens that are meant to be pocket-sized, this high PG content provides an all-around moderate throat hit, too – so there is no need to worry about intense nicotine levels while still getting plenty of satisfaction from each puff.


It’s everything you could ever want in a vape! The perfect mixture of mixed berries and other fruits will keep your taste buds happy for days. This vape is sweet but not too much, so it won’t give you an artificial sugar headache on the side. A perfect go-to vape when all other fruit flavors just don’t do what they’re supposed to – this juice has been made with care using only natural ingredients from Mother Nature herself. And as if that wasn’t enough already, our PG/VG ratio is balanced out at 70% VG, which means there are no dry hits or harsh throat sensations while vaping.


For a fruity vape, Mango and Blood Orange is hard to beat. It’s got the sweet taste of mango with tart blood orange contrasting it; not only that but there are exotic fruits like passionfruit layered on top too. When you inhale this e-liquid, your mouth will pucker up from the tangy guava flavor, while when you exhale, it tastes all juicy and refreshing, which leaves nothing more than rich fruit flavors left in your mouth for as long afterward as possible!


There are so many delicious e-liquids out there these days that sometimes it’s hard to choose which one to try. Whether you’re a fan of blue raspberry lemonade or blackcurrant and apple, if you want the best flavors, check out Dazed!

Well, there are many benefits! First, you can purchase your custom printed cardboard boxes at a wholesale price and have them shipped directly to your business without any middlemen involved in between—saving you time, money, and hassle from running errands.


The e-liquid industry is booming, and while there are many other marketing savvy companies out there trying to get in on the action, it would be foolish not to take a look at these top 8 flavors that we know you’re going to love. If you still have some trouble picking which flavor suits your tastes best, here’s one more thing for you.

Let’s review the top 8 e-liquids that you should check out in 2021. These are all highly rated and reviewed by vapers on Reddit, YouTube, and other websites where people share their favorite juices. We hope this list will help you find your new go-to vape juice for vaping throughout the year!

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