The Importance of Choosing a Good Quality Gold Mangalsutra and How to Care for It

The mangalsutra symbolizes the relationship and benevolent love between a husband and wife. Even in the twenty-first century, Mangalsutra has been modernized despite being traditionally a ritualistic component of a wedding and a union of two souls.

With the most recent additions of Diamond Mangalsutra and Mangalsutra Bracelets, Mangalsutra has evolved from the customarily enormous and heavy designs over a well-defined time period. The primary motivation for married women to wear a mangalsutra is to ensure the safety of their husbands and the entire family.

One of the “Stree-Dhan”, or symbolism of a married woman that a woman owns in the form of jewellery, is a mangalsutra. Essentially, it is a plan for her future sustenance. Given the economic significance of mangalsutra, it is essential to purchasing the best quality so it can be used in the future.

Mangalsutra is frequently one of the first pieces of jewellery to be mortgaged in times of need, making them a vital investment rather than just a ritual. As a result, whenever you are about to purchase a Mangalsutra, you should pay attention to its purity mark.

  1. Size Does Matter

The first and most important consideration when purchasing this ornament is the length of the mangalsutra. The ideal lengths for these wedding necklaces are 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 32 inches. Make sure the length is right; it might not accomplish your goals if it is too short or long.

Women typically choose mangalsutras that are between 16 and 22 inches in length. Unfortunately, this is not reflected by both the bride’s neck and the Raani Haar vibes.

  1. Comfort is crucial.

Because brides must wear this wedding necklace for the rest of their lives, it’s critical to consider comfort and convenience when purchasing. Avoid using anything that is too long or heavy because it will make doing your chores more difficult.

The Modern Mangalsutra Design is available in a variety of shapes, including small pendants, bracelets, and rings, allowing brides to wear this ornament continuously without experiencing any discomfort.

The majority of brides opt for what they find visually appealing, but since they will be wearing this accessory constantly, it should also be cozy. Therefore, the best option would be a medium-length, lightweight Mangalsutra. These are simple to dress down without sacrificing comfort.

  1. The bride’s height and build

In accordance with the Indian tradition, the bride’s family purchases the mangalsutra, and it’s not always a good idea for them to do so without first consulting the bride. It is crucial to take the bride’s height and frame into consideration before diving into the designs and styles.

A mangalsutra should not only go well with the bride’s fashion sense but also draw attention to her best features. For example, a wedding necklace with a longer length might be too overwhelming for a bride who is shorter in height.

In these situations, it is advised to stick with the delicate jewellery and patterns that will enhance the bride’s overall appearance and sense of style. To glam up the bride’s personality, choose long chains with chunkier pendants or mid-length options with a sleek pendant if she has a taller frame or a rounder body.

  1. Pick the appropriate metal.

Typically, this sacred ornament is made of gold. On the other hand, modern brides are bold enough to experiment with their wedding necklaces by choosing an adornment with a rose gold or platinum finish yet a gold mangulsutra will always stay a class apart.

You can also choose a two-toned piece of gold, either yellow or white, as it looks great and matches any outfit. Select a metal that complements your skin type, tastes, and preferences.

  1. Think about the design

The time when brides only had a few designs and styles to choose from is long gone because there are now many options. Sleek pendants, layered designs, bracelets, geometric designs, double-hook, and other elements are featured in the Modern Mangalsutra Design.

However, whatever style you choose, make sure it is practical and runs smoothly when doing daily tasks. Additionally, since mangalsutra is a one-time purchase, try to select timeless designs over passing trends.

  1. The Cost

The cost factor is the last, but certainly not least, consideration before purchasing a mangalsutra. There is no denying that the cost of this jewellery item varies depending on a number of factors, such as length, design, pendant size, metal, and quality, among many others.

Set a budget before making a purchase, and stick to it. However, you should keep in mind that the bride will wear the mangalsutra constantly, so it should be durable and long-lasting. Therefore, invest in the item that meets your needs while keeping your budget intact.

A mangalsutra should complement your overall attire and be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be long-lasting and not quickly go out of style. Therefore, make a wise purchase that is worth your time and money by keeping the factors mentioned above in mind. 

Now that you have picked your magalsutra. It is essential to take care of it so that it lasts longer without any damage. 

So, here are some tips to take care of your mangalsutra.

Taking Care of Mangalsutra 

Your gold mangalsutra is exposed to skin oils, perspiration, dust, makeup, and more when worn frequently. Therefore, you should regularly clean your mangalsutra with a mixture of 10 parts warm water and two parts dish soap to maintain its shine. Additional advice:

  • The secret is soaking: You should soak your gold jewellery pieces for three hours before using a very soft brush to scrub them gently. Rinse with fresh water, then pat dry with a towel.
  • After doing this, polish your jewellery with a cloth. Use a tissue or paper towel sparingly because they can damage your jewellery.
  • If necessary, wash your jewellery at home with soap, but stay moderate! Only clean your jewellery when it becomes obviously dirty or develops a patina.
  • Store it in a proper jewellery box if you are not wearing it.
  • We suggest not wearing it and taking a bath. 
  • It would be best if you cleaned them by a professional yearly. 

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