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The Ego Meaning in the Master’s Life

What is ego meaning and how did it come into existence? Ego meaning is nothing other than the self-concept. 

No one can give you an idea or a description about your existence except yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else because you have experienced all kinds of things in your life. 

You understand yourself better than others because you have experienced all kinds of problems as well.

Ego Meaning

Ego being nothing other than your personal view depends upon where you are sitting with respect to the Universal Presence. 

If you are on the material side of life, then your ego definition will be different from someone who is spiritually inclined. 

In fact, those who are spiritual do not have any need of a concept of the ego at all because they have already lived what the materialists call “the truth”.

Concepts of ego

However, when we talk about ego, then what happens is that we take the concepts of this particular concept and make them real. 

We experience all kinds of physical stuff and thus experience ego. But when we look at things from a spiritual perspective, then this concept does not exist. 

Everything is spiritual, everything is ego. It depends upon where you are sitting with regard to the higher consciousness. 

Ego meaning in different language

  • Ego meaning in hindi – ahankaar
  • Ego meaning in Italian – egoismo
  • Ego meaning in German – das Ich

Universal Substance

If you are on the material side of life, then your ego definition is related to materialism, whereas if you are on the spiritual side, then you experience higher consciousness.

Your own existence and your experience in life are completely dependent upon this Universal Substance. 

This Substance cannot be described by words, because it has no form. It cannot be measured or observed in any way. 

However, this very same concept that you have in your mind with reference to your existence, will give you the meaning of life.

So how do you relate this idea of the ego with the idea of consciousness? The ego is nothing other than this Universal Substance. 

Therefore, this concept of the ego cannot be compared to anything in the Universe. It is something that you think or choose and feel. 

If you want to get into higher consciousness, then you will need to drop this concept of the ego.


You cannot experience higher consciousness without dropping ego. This is the primary lesson of The Master. 

In other words, to experience things on a much deeper level, you will need to discard and transcend all concepts and get into higher consciousness. 

Everything around you, everything is conditioned. You are in the prison of the lower levels of life and your perception and thinking are conditioned too.

This is what The Master meant when he said that everything is conditioned. Everything is something that you experience. 

There is no such thing as something that is not real. Your body and mind, your soul, and the world itself, are expressions of this eternal reality. 

Once you go beyond these lower levels of existence, you will automatically experience something which is infinitely superior to all of these things.

Deep breaths and relax

The next time, you feel yourself getting stuck somewhere, just take a few deep breaths and relax. 

Just remember that this very moment is nothing more than a preparation for another kind of existence. 

Have faith that this higher state of consciousness will eventually manifest in your life. Take it as your birthright and enjoy it to the fullest.

If you need any help with this particular meditation, try meditating with an empty mental space. 

Think only of yourself and the world around you and nothing else. Concentrate on every single aspect of your being and try to push yourself outside of all limitations that you have experienced throughout your lifetime.

Imagine better and better

Imagine your life being enveloped by ocean waves lapping the shore. Feeling the air touching your skin and the warmth of the sun on your face. 

Imagine the delicious tastes of fresh bread and fruit that you never tasted before. All of these and many more can be achieved by practicing Yoga on a daily basis.

The most important lesson of all regarding ego and The Master’s life is that we need to constantly grow as people. 

We need to allow ourselves to grow so that we do not become boring or old. We should not cling to our past and instead should embrace the present moment. 

Let go of any expectations that may arise in the future. Focus on living in the present and you will inevitably create an ego-less life.

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