Taking healthy food tips from a nutritionist’s life

The best way to make your words feel empowered is through leading by example. This is exactly what a nutritionist Abu Dhabi does. Before counselling their clients on the benefits of healthy eating and diet plans in Dubai they make sure that they are following it themselves. And this is why to learn a page from their book, we have lined up a few healthy tips which everyone should be using:

  • Avoiding artificial sweeteners

There can never be enough research articles and evidences telling how artificial sugar is the most harmful ingredient that one could be consuming in their life. From having added preservatives in them to chemically induced sugar, everything which they contain is very harmful. So from now on when you order your usual coffee order, make sure that you think twice before asking for two sugar.

  • Microwave popcorns

Who doesn’t love to have a relaxing weekend binge series with a huge bag of popcorn on the sofa to curl up with? As much as you love it the same it is going to be harmful for your health. Nutritionists never put their faith in overly processed food because there are just too many preservatives in it to be trusted. If you rip open a bag of popcorn unmicrowaved, you will realize what you are putting into your stomach. Instead opt for homemade popcorn for a healthier substitute.

  • Stop getting fooled by reduced fat peanut butter

This is something very important that most people don’t know about. Sticking to full fat regular peanut butter is – dare we say – probably the healthier option than the reduced fat one. The reason behind this is that they both are equal in calories but the reduced one has a little less amount and this is why to enhance its taste, artificial sweeteners is used and we have read above what artificial sweeteners does to the body. In fact the natural fat present in peanut butter is actually healthy for the body. So keep on binging PB sandwiches.

  • Say no to frozen meals even if you feel like you will starve to death

Aren’t frozen meals your go to option for every little food cravings? Well, there is enough damage done and this is why you should stop this habit right away. Just like popcorn, they contain overly additives and preservatives to enhance the taste.

Conditions which you can mistake for IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome is a very serious condition in which you may feel like going to the washroom again and again and has constant pain in the stomach which cannot be described or let go of. Even though IBS is a pretty common disease yet there are a lot of chances of mistaking the symptoms of other stomach diseases for IBS. Only a professional will be able to determine the right cause of your symptoms, but it’s good to have an idea of what might be happening:

  • Ulcerative colitis

This is also known as IBD short for inflammatory bowel disease in which inflammation is found in colon. This disease is linked to the weak immune system in which body is not able to defend itself against germs. Even though the correct cause is not determined yet doctors still suggest surgery and regular medication.

  • Microscopic colitis

If you have been suffering from watery diarrhea and belly pain then you must be thinking that it is IBS when in reality your doctor would tell you that you are suffering from inflamed colon. This is not a very serious condition and often you get away with it without any medication or surgery. If it doesn’t then doctors may suggest you a vegan diet plan to make sure that you are on the right track.

  • Lactose intolerance

You must have heard about this disease in the passing and even though it isn’t very harmful still you could feel uncomfortable. Lactose intolerance refers to your body’s intolerance to the lactose (sugar) in the milk or any such dairy product. The symptoms which you may face would start 30 minutes to 2 hours after the intake of milk and other dairy products which will make you feel nauseous and severe diarrhea. You can have calcium substitutes to make sure that the level of calcium in your body is maintained.

There could be so many other things wrong with your body. Also, don’t think that if you are already diagnosed with IBS you can’t have above mentioned diseases. You could still be suffering from lactose intolerance but wouldn’t know due to mixed up symptoms this is why you should never try self diagnosing such serious diseases and instead directly go to the professional. Don’t worry as there’s a cure for everything when recognized early on.

Thyroid diseases myth vs fact

Thyroid is that one gland in body which keeps your body working and functioning correctly so you may think that having thyroid disease would ring some alarming bells before turning into a full blown up disease which can be hard to turn back to. Well, we know thyroid problems are not that easily determined and they can certainly not be this easily let go off. Here we have debunked some serious myths about thyroid disease:

  • It’s easy to determine thyroid problem
  • Thyroid diseases’ symptoms can overlap with other diseases and seem similar. The symptoms of thyroid diseases which are weight loss, weight gain, fatigue, cold and hot body temperature changes and sensitivity can point in a different health disease direction as well. Thyroid problem can only be diagnosed through screening and you should get this done especially if you have a family history of thyroid.
  • Hormonal problems after the age of 40 can mean menopause
  • Menopause can cause hormonal misbalance and thyroid disease. After the age of 40 many women face menopause which has certain symptoms like less menstrual periods, mood swings, irregular sleep pattern and hot flashes. This all can very easily play a role in hormonal misbalance and when this happens, thyroid is not able to perform functions easily and this – if not maintained on time – can lead to disease.
  • Thyroid can cause eyes to bulge
  • Yes, not always but sometimes bulging eyes can be an effect of thyroid. Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which thyroid is working more than average and this can cause eyes to bulge. Even if it’s a very low ratio of people complaining about eye bulging still the doctors ask not to risk it anymore and instead quit smoking right away.
  • Iodine supplements are a must to cure thyroid disease
  • Not in every case in fact, it can worsen the condition. You may have heard a lot of people advertising about iodized salt because it helps with the deficiency of iodine in the body to help function thyroid but the ones suffering from hyperthyroidism can actually see the condition worsening up because most of the people’s diet contains salt. Try opting for healthy diet plan Dubai instead and see the benefits of it.

Don’t believe anything and everything that you hear but instead do your own research.

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