Premium & Appealing Cosmetic Packaging in 2021: Practical Tips & Tricks

Cosmetic packaging boxes wield a charisma to make cosmetics ranging from eye-lashes and lipsticks to hair extensions and beauty creams noticeable and attention grabbing. Custom-made cosmetic boxes can help you create a unique distinctiveness for your cosmetic brand. 

When it comes to customers, they have a lot of choices to go for especially these days due to the growing number of competing brands in the beauty market.

In this case, if any brand undermines the potential of well designed and thoughtfully branded cosmetic packaging boxes, then it’s definitely at a disadvantage in doing so. For your packaging is a determining aspect which decides whether a customer will buy your product or won’t even want to look at it.

Here we’ll explain some of the most essential aspects you need to be on the lookout for, if you’re serious about the success of your cosmetic brand:

Release a New Product in the Beauty Market with Attention Grabbing Elements

Going for unique creativity and a different approach with your cosmetic boxes’ design would effectively pitch your new face cream range to target buyers. If you’re launching a get-young themes inspired anti-ageing cream, then a compelling custom packaging that lures customers into testing it is imperative. You can use high-quality images of models relevant to anti-ageing and use soft-tone colors that will automatically appeal to the wants and desires of a special category of people in a positive way.

Naming the qualities of your creams interestingly and highlighting with eye-catching typography would grab the fascinated attention of the customers. Make your packaging useful by communicating relevant product details such as application, business contact, ingredients, and expiration in Bahnschrift font and other ones for better visibility. If it’s cruelty-free cream, let customers know by leveraging these boxes.

Brand & Market Cost-Effectively with Quality

Cosmetic packaging boxes help with upselling and cross-selling. Provide beauty conscious ladies a sneak peek of similar items – for example, have a one-liner about each from a range of four packed eye-shadows printed on all custom cosmetic boxes. This instinctively entices the buyers into wanting to have a look onto all the four eye-shadows. 

If you’re about to launch a new range of face wash, it can be marketed well through your packaging. By way of depiction, have face wash highlighted as a new and improved version that’s launching soon by printing on the existing packaging. In the same way, promote other products like mascaras, eye-liners, serums, conditioners and more.

A Sense of Finesse & Resilience

Majority of the makeup and skincare products are encased in glass jars or plastic casings that are frangible, susceptible to moisture and other environmental factors.

For this reason, chosen stock material for manufacturing custom cosmetic boxes must be such that they’re high-quality as well as cost effective. Sturdy kraft and strong cardstock are best material options for this purpose. Kraft paper is commended for its biodegradability. The stock is chemical-free, is lightweight, and easy to dispose of. Not only that, but it also allows smooth two-color printing for outer grace. Also, cardboard stock allows room for flexibility and durability – ideal for full-color printing. For different makeup and skincare items, varying packaging styles from tuck-top to hinged-lid are worthwhile choices. Also, tuck-end boxes are ideal for lipsticks, mascaras, and eye-liners. You can also select innovative shapes such as a novelty-driven hexagonal and a quirky pillow for your makeup and personal care items.

Superior finishing choices from Embossing & debossing to foil stamping with flamboyance, luxurious matte lamination, and other classic lamination choices are best to be used for cosmetics boxes so your hair extensions stand out.

An Impetus in Customers to Shop More

Another way around for adding value to your cosmetic boxes is to make them so enthralling that they retain customers by compelling them to come back again for more.

For example, you can better flaunt your vanilla and cocoa butter hand creams better in a box that has a window, a marvy design, and decorative embellishments applied. Persuade customers to save big on bundled cosmetics by displaying them in professionally designed and printed countertop cosmetic display boxes. Whether it’s about boosting sales during the festive season or just want customers to not leave without buying, your cosmetic packaging that’s embellished in a rich way with ribbons and bows will help accomplishing this endeavor. 

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