Luxury Car Shipping Companies for Military

If you are in the military and need your vehicle transferred, we will take care of making sure your vehicle arrives safely, professionally and on time through Luxury car shipping companies. We can meet your seasonal vehicle needs whether you are in the continental United States or traveling internationally.

Luxury car shipping: Conditions and discounts

Seasonal POV transportation services from luxury car shipping companies are available for PCS transfers nationally and internationally, as well as to Hawaii and Alaska. We operate all year round in all regions of the world with one of the largest shipping fleets in the industry, including international vessels. All active and retired military personnel are eligible for redundancy.

POS transfer requirements

• The car must be owned or rented by a repair crew or dependent.

• The vehicle must be self-propelled and have a driving license.

• If the vehicle is rented, the written consent of the third party must be attached to the delivery.

Military discounts

We offer seasonal discounts on military vehicles for military personnel and veterans. All current and former military personnel receive a discount no matter where you are or where you need to move your car. In addition, all branches of the armed forces are entitled to our advantages: the army, the navy, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, and the Coast Guard are all military branches.

Transporting military equipment: how does it work?

SAFE DELIVERY OF YOUR VEHICLE through Luxury Car Shipping Company provides services in various sectors, including automotive, and is pleased to offer a military road transport program. We appreciate the service of all military personnel! However, we feel obligated to offer the best service at an incredible price, as we value people who keep peace and freedom.

Seasonal Car Shipping transports military vehicles to the United States and supplies military vehicles internationally. Transportation of military cars to various military bases around the world is available with us. Fort Hood, Fort Knox, Fort Banning, and Fort Carson are just a few of the more popular sites. When choosing a transport company, it is essential to study the company’s reviews to assess whether they should be hired. 

SEND YOUR CAR SAFE their agents go beyond providing cheap, fast and easy service. Being in the military, car delivery service is not much different from other car delivery services. Military Car Transport clients are advised to meet outside the base / station gates when picking up vehicles from military locations such as naval or air stations, as most bases do not allow not foreign trucks.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when selecting a vehicle transport company:

• Luxury car shipping companies charge reduced shipping options for military vehicles

• Expertise and experience in transporting military cars

• Optional military car shipping programs

• Availability and coverage wherever you want

• Business valuations

• Insurance protection

Why choose us?

No carrier transfer, no fees

 High compliance standards

We have a Carrier Compliance Department that selects all carriers in our network to ensure that we only work with highly professional, experienced and committed truck drivers.

Leaders in the transport of military vehicles PCS

Getting out of the PCS can be stressful for families, but you don’t have to worry about your car arriving on time.

 Excellent customer service

The customer service team is ready for extended hours, 365 days a year. Our representatives assist you to every step of the auto transport process. They also alert you by sending updates.

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