Is it safe to buy the iPhone 11 renewed?

One thing we all look for when buying a smartphone whether brand new or refurbished is the value for money. But exactly when the word ‘refurbished phone’ is stated, we get into a list of debates to discuss before reaching a conclusion. So, if you’re wondering if an iPhone 11 renewed will work the same way as the brand new, know that the quality of the device will depend on the manufacturer/dealer doing the refurbishment and understand the whole refurbishing procedure. 

When refurbishing a smartphone, a used mobile phone is returned to the manufacturer or the retailer. In case the handset is returned to the manufacturer, it is renewed in house. But an ordinary third party dealer may either get it done by hired technicians or send it to a repairing company. Faults whether major or minor are fixed and only then the device is released for resale. However, the degree of functionality might slightly differ depending on the brand refurbishing it. 

You’ll get best quality refurbishments when they are refurbished by technicians approved by the parent company. They replace malfunctioning parts with originals and the phone goes through an official testing procedure to get the tested tag. 

What are the exact benefits of buying an iPhone 11 renewed?

1. Camera and processor  

The iPhone 11 hosts the powerful hexacore A13 Bionic processor that has 7nm MOSFET technology. Be assured that the device will not lag while carrying out day to day tasks. You’ll also get the most-anticipated front-faced 3D sensor which enables to unlock your phone within a fraction of a second. Record 4K videos at 60fps and slo-mo videos at 1080p. The camera features of the device is not at par with that of the medium range smartphones, but you do get good picture quality on this. 

2. Display, battery, and loudspeaker 

If you’re crazy about dual speakers on your smartphone, do consider buying the iPhone 11 renewed. You’ll come across good deals and attractive prices and the Q1 and Q2 of 2022 is kind of a good time to make your purchase. 

Even though Apple has switched to OLED displays on the latest model, the device has a gorgeous Liquid Retina IPS LCD display. 

You’re getting a decent 3110 mAh battery and 18W fast charging. This device is premium enough with Gorilla Glass on both sides and a solid aluminium frame in between. 

3. Cost-effective 

The iPhone is a semi-premium device in today’s standards but your whole month’s savings will blow away if you try to acquire from a new one. The iPhone 11 renewed can be bought at only a fraction of the original price of the device. 

4. Condition of the device 

If you don’t have 100% faith on the refurbishing processes, know that in most cases, the returned phones didn’t have any major defects to start with. Very minor issued are easily fixed by repairing agencies. Some purchasers may return a handset because the wrong color or wrong memory capacity was sent. 

5. Warranty 

Warranty is the biggest consideration for anyone to buy a refurbished iPhone 11. What more do you need if your smartphone is covered under warranty. Certified refurbished phones carry warranties of either 6 months or 1 year. If you’ve planned to keep the smartphone longer than a year, some companies also offer extended warranties of 2 years. Look for the dealers that offer money back guarantees because just in case if you the quality of the product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can apply for a refund. 

6. Eco-friendly 

If returned devices are not processed and refurbished, they would end up in landfills at a point of time. E-wastes are often left unmanaged and unrecycled. Accumulation of these wastes for long can cause water and soil pollution. So when you’re buying a refurbished phone, you’re doing little efforts in saving the environment. 

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