How To Use Sunscreen Lotion: Is Lotion The Best Application?

It seems like such a simple process, but sunscreen application is an important part of being outside or exposed to UV rays in any other capacity. Skin damage is nothing to play with, and sunscreen is the best way to minimize your risk (aside from shutting yourself in or bundling up in layers of clothes). Make sure that you are applying sunscreen lotion and other skin protection properly to avoid sun damage and make the most of your summer this year. 

When To Use Sunscreen 

Let’s start by going over when sunscreen application is necessary to keep yourself protected from harmful UV rays. Any time that you are outside, it’s a good idea to put some sunscreen lotion on, but especially if you are planning to stay outdoors for any length of time. UV rays are always out to get you during the day, even if it’s cloudy outdoors. While the shade of a cloud may feel good, UV rays still make it to you, damaging your skin before you know it.

Keep in mind, however, that frequent application of nano sunscreen may lead to long-term health effects, especially if the product is ingested. To keep your family protected against harmful formulas, use organic sunscreen. These products use non-nano technology that protects your skin without penetrating to negate long-term effects.

How Often Should You Apply Sunscreen?

While you are outside, sunscreen should be applied at least every two hours. If you are prone to burning then it may be a good idea to apply sunscreen hourly. Water activities should also be followed by sunscreen lotion reapplication to ensure that you maintain a protective layer of UV blocker. 

The ideal time to apply sunscreen lotion is 30 minutes before heading outside. The delay between your application and starting the fun gives your sunscreen time to dry and become effective. Applying sunscreen to your skin after you are already outdoors may create a window for UV exposure, so be sure to put your skin protection on indoors.

Is Sunscreen Lotion The Best Way To Apply

Sunscreen lotion is the most popular and in many opinions best-protecting skincare solution available, above sunscreen sprays and sticks. The lotion version of sunscreen gives you even protection and a fast application that works well at the beach, before hikes, working in your yard, or anywhere else. It’s arguable the easiest to use on children too, as you can apply the lotion without the risk of inhalation and cover a large area quickly.

When to Use Other Products

In most cases, sunscreen lotion provides the evenest application and consistent protection against sunburn and long-term sun damage, but there are certain times that warrant another product. Applying sunscreen lotion at a sporting event or in situations where you need fast protection can be a bit time-consuming, making sunscreen sprays a viable replacement. Some prefer to use sunscreen sticks for their face and sensitive areas, as stick sunscreen is mess-free and allows for an isolated application.


Sunscreen is imperative to enjoying the outdoors with minimal consequence, so make sure that you are applying at least every two hours while you are outside. Sunscreen lotion is the best product for most situations, but there are some scenarios that call for spray or stick products. Sunscreen lotion is the best choice in many situations for keeping your skin protected, but you could always do better by purchasing organic sunscreen lotion. These products give you safer, more pleasant sunscreen applications so you can do more of the things you love. 

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