How to Use Essential Oils to Deal With stress

We all work a kind of relief from the stressful life. Is there any solution for it? Those who are fans of alternative medicines have taken the power of essential oils in relieving stress from the body. Over the years, the essential oil blend has established itself as the remedy to get rid of stress from our daily lives. 

What a tremendous invention the essential oil is! They have so much to offer in the form of benefits, the only thing is how you are using them. 

What do you mean by essential oil? 

The essential oils are distilled plant extracts. Since plants have structural materials and phytochemicals, these chemicals have beneficial properties for not only plants but people too. Plants are used to make essential oils, by taking a huge amount. Plants like lavender or rose are used to make essential oil of these types. 

How essential oil can be used?

Since the essential oils are very strong, it is important to know how you can use them for the benefits. You only need small doses of the best stress relief oil blend to get the results. Regular use is also not recommended otherwise your body becomes used to their use. This can reduce the advantage of the oil. 

Essential oils can be used in 3 ways – in aromatherapy, ingestion and as a topical application. There are also various health benefits offered by the essential oils. From boosting mood, improving sleep, reducing inflammation to relieving headaches, anxiety and pain, they are widely used in modern culture. 

How does it benefit in relieving stress? 

Stress is not good for us, we all know that! Persistent stress increases the heart rate, raises the stress hormones, raises the blood pressure and causes many other problems like headaches, body pain, fatigue, sleeping troubles which can lead to major health issues if left untreated. The general remedy to this is taking a healthy diet, doing exercise, taking proper rest and doing the things that provide relaxation to mind from the stress. When you collectively do these things, they contribute to lowering cortisol, encouraging sleep, reducing stress levels and lift up your mood too. 

However, managing these things can be again a stressful task. You need to organize every single thing to get rid of the stress from life. This is when the essential oils come into light. You may have heard of the term aromatherapy. The good point is that you don’t have to take out extra time to get the benefits of the essential oil. How these oils benefit the body is by boosting the pleasure and relaxation while you are doing your things in the background. 

There is something proclivity in aromatherapy, you need to explore the different aromas that will work for your body, mind and spirit. Also, there are some herbs that can be used in stress relieving essential oil recipe, for relaxation and giving rest to the body. 

Some best oils for relieving stress 

Lavender essential oil  – This essential oil is loving and has many benefits for the human body. You can use this oil blend in a variety of ways. It helps you with stress, pain and sleep. You can use it if you are dealing with stressful issues on a regular basis.

Tea tree oil – The most common use of tea tree essential oil is for antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antifungal purposes. The other benefits are for treating acne problems as it can settle the acne on a faster note. You can also use it with carrier oil and apply the blend on affected skin in case of ringworms. 

Basil – This essential oil has some vitalizing quality that contributes to supporting anxiety or restlessness. Using this top note oil is highly beneficial and can be blended with lavender, grapefruit, cedarwood or ginger.

Sweet orange – This essential oil contains a compound that gets used in aromatherapy because of its relaxing properties. This citrus essential oil is a top note in a blend and is generally used with lemon, vetiver, eucalyptus.

Calming blend – This stress relief essential oil blend was designed to support the healthy emotional reactions when you are into a tense or stressful situation. What are the best oils for managing stress in this blend are lavender, sage, clary and blue tansy oil. If you are looking for an oil that provides mindfulness and confidence, go for this blend for sure.       

Tips to buy the essential oil

When you buy the essential oil, make sure that you are getting the right deal and the best-quality product for your body. Pick up the organic one and the oil which is minimally processed. You can find good quality oils at any of the grocery stores. The oils that don’t have any added ingredients are the best ones. 

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