How to Identify Moissanite from Diamonds

Moissanite and diamond both look mostly the same. Often, people are unable to distinguish between the two stones. That’s why Moissanite is used in place of diamond in various jewelry pieces like engagement rings. But there are ways for you to distinguish the two stones. 

Today, you can find an authentic emerald cut moissanite ring online in an array of settings from conventional to ultra-modern. If you find yourself frequently confused over how to differentiate between Moissanite from diamond, don’t worry. 

Even experts are many times bewildered by the striking visual similarities between the two. Here are some indicators that will aid you to identify the two stones.

Double Refraction

A great method to differentiate between the two stones is to take a loupe and use it to look through the crown of the jewelry piece at an angle. You will notice two slightly blurred lines. They signal double refraction, which is an innate characteristic of Moissanite.

You can easily notice double refraction in specific shapes. For instance, even a highly skilled jeweler with a loupe would have difficulty noticing double refraction, especially in an emerald cut. Many jewelers perfect the Moissanite cut to reduce double refraction but still keep the brilliance of the ornament. 

Density or Weight

The Moissanite stone weighs less than diamond. It implies that if you have a Moissanite and diamond of the same size as you, the former will weigh less than the diamond. 

To eliminate any likelihood of confusion, Moissanite’s carat weight is always denoted by its equivalent diamond carat weight. Thus, you can tell which stone is Moissanite and which is diamond by weighing them. 

But note that the difference in real weight is incredibly subtle. The diamond stone could also have a shallower cut. Hence, it can become challenging to use this method for differentiating between the two stones.

Assessment of a Facet Junction of a Diamond

Another way to distinguish Moissanite from a diamond is to view them through the bezel facet. When you view it in this manner, the reflection of the diamond’s pavilion facets should be very sharp. 

In a diamond, there is only a single reflection. For confirming the test, tilt the diamond slightly and inspect it from a different angle. If you receive the same result, you can safely conclude that the stone you have has a single refraction property. 

Look for a Polished Girdle

A Moissanite girdle is polished, unlike that of a diamond. So, a polished girdle can indeed point toward a Moissanite stone. But today, Moissanite jewels having a faceted girdle are becoming quite common. 

So, a polished girdle should thus be utilized only for finding whether a particular jewel is a diamond or Moissanite.

Use a Diamond or Moissanite Tester

Using a Moissanite or a diamond tester is ideal for telling whether a stone is a Moissanite or a diamond. Diamond testers identify if a stone is an actual diamond by assessing how it conducts electricity or heat. 

However, remember that equipment that utilizes heat will be unable to differentiate Moissanite. It’s because its heat conductivity is similar to that of a diamond. 

Here, electronic diamond testers can come in handy as they can detect the difference. But these devices can only tell you that a stone isn’t a diamond. It cannot tell you if it’s a Moissanite or not. 

To sum up, if you plan on buying diamond jewelry, ensure that you purchase diamonds that are graded by AGS or GIA. Both diamond and Moissanite make for stunning jewelry pieces, especially engagement rings. 

You can shop online for an emerald cut moissanite ring from a trusted store that offers you hassle-free returns and a full money-back guarantee. Moreover, with the option of free engraving provided by such a store, you can easily personalize the ornament as you desire.

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