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How To Edit Videos For Youtube On PC

Shooting and editing are the two most significant aspects of making a successful YouTube video. Shooting the right kind of YouTube video involves capturing raw footage, while editing involves refining this raw footage with the use of the right YouTube video editor. This will offer a story that is not just captivating but even inspiring for the target viewers.

Of course, you can use some best tools for this purpose, but going for a professional-grade video editor will always work wonders. You just need to focus on the editing part on your computer so the procedure goes on smoothly.

There is no set rule of thumb you need to follow when editing videos for YouTube on PC. But being a bit more careful with the footage while editing it will give you a great result. You do not need to be a skilled editor for this purpose. Using the right tool will help you edit YouTube videos like a pro, even without any kind of formal training.

Set Realistic Expectations

Even before starting with the process of editing YouTube videos on your computer, consider the tools you will be using and the objective you are looking to achieve. For instance, shots in 4K quality will create wonderful footage, but then you will have to spend a bit on resolution and frame rate.

This can make the entire procedure frustrating, more so if you do not possess the computer that matches your ambition. Therefore, it is a good idea to set your expectations in a limited and most realistic manner to achieve the same.

Always try weighing the strength of your software and hardware while setting specific requirements for the end product before shooting a single shot.

Choose Your Cuts

The cuts between shots are important, and cutting makes one of the most important tasks of the editor. In the first place, you must know that there is no such right cut that can be applied to videos universally.

And yes, it’s even a thankless activity because no one will be noticing your cut at the end. The good cuts won’t be noticed, but the bad ones will. And this is the reason why it becomes important for you to choose your cuts properly.

As an editor, you must know the right time to cut. Also, consider the different varieties of shots you will be cutting, the best frame for making the cut, and the scenes or moments where you will be cutting.

Remember, the cuts you choose when editing something like an interview or public talk will be completely different from the cuts you choose for editing dramatic pieces and short films. Always try looking for visual cues as they help in facilitating clean cuts.

Look out for action with chances of drawing in the viewers’ attention and use the same as a cue. Apart from this, you can use various other tricks and techniques to edit your YouTube videos, provided they fit with your video stylistically.

Choose the Perfect Video Editing Tool

This is probably the very first step towards improving the video editing procedure. The right YouTube video editor will make your job easier. Thus the final result will also be perfectly fine. Consider a video editor that offers everything you need for standard video editing.

Of course, you can go for different video editing tools considering their digital interface, features, and ease of use. Avoid rushing through the process of finding the right tool blindly. Simply get your hands on the most advanced and the latest tool you know will give you a great result.

In fact, the most important factor here is determining the tool that actually works for your editing requirements and the editing techniques you will be using.

Choose the Right PC

Working on just about any computer will not do, especially if you want to give your video a professional look and feel. Just because you have a good computer does not mean you will be a good video editor too.

No, absolutely not! You need a fast and feature-rich computer that allows you to invest more of your available time on the story you are looking to narrate instead of spending it in the computer rendering.

There’s a very general idea about the right computer for editing, but it all depends on individual preferences. Some essential components are required for proper editing, and these are things you cannot do without.

First of all, you must arrange for an SSD- a fast storage device allowing your machine to `ess footage and the video editing tool faster. Thus, you will enjoy faster rendering, loading, and exporting.

Next, you must work on getting increased RAM or memory, resulting in faster editing speed. Initially, it would be best to go for 4GB RAM, but a lot more is required for serious video editing enthusiasts.

Going for a good video card is also very important. Better video cards output better graphic images to the computer’s monitor. If you are using a video editing tool, getting the recommended graphics cards will be essential.

Also, arrange for a fast processor that will genuinely result in faster rendering time. All in all, you must have your eyes and your hands on using a faster computer that helps you do the video editing job like a breeze.

Try Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Since you are editing your video on a PC, it would work for you to use the keyboard shortcuts to complete the process faster and with complete ease. Probably, one of the best and the quickest ways of differentiating between an amateur and expert video manager is noticing the way they use keyboard shortcuts.

Ask the expert video editors in the industry, and they will tell you how important those few seconds could be. All the video editing enthusiasts out there who are quite serious about saving their precious time while editing a YouTube video on PC should make sure to use keyboard shortcuts.

Wrapping Up

Well, you don’t need to be a video editing superstar for delivering superior quality business videos. Perhaps, you do not even need high-end equipment and professional quality for getting the job done. Simply shoot top-quality footage on your smartphone and use the editing tips above along with the right YouTube video editor. You are good to go!

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