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How much does web hosting cost?

Whatever digital presence you decide to have, be it a website, blog, portfolio, or landing page, Web Hosting is the get-go. However, Web Hosting cost depends on the hosting services plan, resources, hosting type, and also the web host. So it can be only a few dollars monthly to hundreds of dollars a month. Thus, you need to be discerning about your budget and the hosting your website needs.

However, how pricey hosting a website is, is a sought-after question. So let’s talk a bit about it. 

Domain & Hosting are a must-have to start with a website. Therefore, if you only spent on them it is will be sufficient. The rest of the features, add-ons are supplementary. However, they serve more as an added bonus to taking your website performance skyrocket. 

Whatever digital presence you decide to have, be it a website, blog, portfolio, or landing page, Web Hosting is the get-go. However, Web Hosting cost depends on the hosting services plan, resources, types of web hosting, and also the web host.

If you can afford it, that is more than perfect. However, if you are tight on budget, no worries; all you need is a domain and hosting. Also, you can upgrade gradually.

Bear in mind if you land on a good web host, web hosting services will not be expensive. However, even it seems a bit, the resources and quality of the services that support and boost the website performance are enough to double the investment in no time.

Lowest price for Hosting 

Shared Hosting is the cheapest among all hosting types as you are sharing the server and resources with a considerable number of users. So the lowest shared web hosting cost circles around $2 to $3 per month. Obviously, the higher plans are available too.  

VPS Hosting is an intermediary of shared and dedicated. That is dedicated space and resources on a server – a server shared by others, too; multiple VPSs. The price plans fluctuate with the configuration and bandwidth especially. So the lowest cost is around $5 a month to hundreds of dollars per month.

Dedicated Hosting being advanced, is the most expensive as you buy a whole server all to yourself (no sharing). The cheapest dedicated server can cost you $80 per month, let alone the high-cost ones.

Cloud Hosting makes use of cloud resources to host the websites, and hosting solutions are restricted to a single server. The cloud server hosting comes at $5 per month and above. 

Free resources 

Providing a free domain name for a year is in trend among web hosting companies. Also, the availability of hundreds of hosting services providers in the market has elevated the battles of seizing the customers. Eventually, the prices are already at their adapted level. So if you choose affordable hosting plans and get a free domain, Hosting will not be expensive. 

Some even have discounts, free features like free SSL, free email accounts, and unlimited bandwidth on the defined web hosting cost.

A key detail that we want to mention here is that the domain is free for one year only. Therefore, you have to renew it at a regular price after one year, or you can’t keep the domain in possession. Even if so, it is favorable to save money in the first year of your website. 

Top pick Web hosts include Bluehost, Navicosoft, HostGator, Hostinger, DreamHost, Liquid Web, and others. You can sign up for your chosen host and get affordable yet best quality hosting services and 24/7 customer support.

What about free Hosting?

Well, on the internet, you will come across plenty of free hosting packages, so we assume that free Hosting does exist.

However, let us tell you this Hosting can cater only to the smallest websites. On top of all, the free Hosting provided company force to run its ads, branding, and much more without time and space limitations. That might affect the website performance itself – ads annoying the users and restricted resources unable to accommodate the traffic and website data needs.

For instance, Wix provides free Hosting alongside the website builder. However, the Hosting comes with the condition of displaying ads and branding on the website. The offered free plan includes a subdomain, website templates, 500 MB disk storage, and 500 MB of Bandwidth.

On the other side, some hosting providers don’t force like above. However, the hosting features are as little as scanty.

In short, hosting can cost you around $3 to 10$ only to let you cater to your website needs. So find a reliable web hosting agency, hand over your precious website, and start digitalizing with rock-bottom web hosting cost.

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