How do we avoid pedestrian accidents?

Pedestrian and vehicular traffic has increased significantly in the cities over the years. This has also led to an increase in pedestrian accidents. Such accidents are fatal for pedestrians as they do not have any safety gear or protection, unlike vehicles that give some form of protection to the driver. Therefore, pedestrians should be extra careful when on the roads and take precautions to avoid unnecessary accidents. Avoiding such accidents is a two-way street, requiring precautions from the end of the driver and the pedestrian. Make sure to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer Houston in case your situation worsens. Here are a few tips to avoid pedestrian accidents. Have a look. 

Increasing visibility

Most pedestrian accidents occur due to low visibility at night or in places with poor lighting. Therefore, pedestrians should avoid wearing dark clothes in such areas and during nighttime. Wear light or reflective gear or clothing while on the roads. You can also use reflective collars or leash for your pet if you are out to take them for a walk.

Use crosswalks wisely

As a pedestrian, approach the crosswalk carefully. Check if the signal has turned to the “walk” sign and then cross the road. Before you decide to cross, check both sides for any incoming vehicles. Some distracted and reckless drivers can hit you even after you obey all the traffic rules. 

Prevent distractions

This applies to both the pedestrians and the driver. Whether driving or walking, prevent distractions like using your phone or other gadgets. Drivers also need to stop playing around with their phones, gadgets, and the infotainment screen in the car. 

Use sidewalks

While on roads, please use sidewalks while walking. Do not walk near the roads. If there is no sidewalk present, then walk on the side of the road that faces the traffic.

Do not use drugs and alcohol 

This again applies to the pedestrian and driver. Do not drive under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and other substances. Similarly, pedestrians should also avoid roads if intoxicated. Using such substances lowers your reflexes and leads to accidents.


Pedestrian accidents are mostly due to the fault of negligent drivers on the road. In case you are injured due to the accident, you can hire a personal injury attorney and sue the other party. A lawyer will help you get maximum compensation for the injuries and damages that you suffer. 

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