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How Devising Campaigns improves brand image in Advertising Agency

Start of the process

Campaigns are pretty much what takes the most time of the creative and design resource in an advertising agency. Every brand has its goals and ambitions which they wish to portray through different creative campaigns now and then. They do so by bringing an advertising agency on board because even though they know their brand best, they are not the experts on marketing and advertising which is why they turn to a creative agency. Clients or brands know that these are the people who know best about this field and thus can do a tremendous job in bringing the brand forward.

Locking the way forward

Whenever a campaign is set to motion, the first step, obviously, is to determine the objective of that campaign, what the campaign is about and who are we targeting exactly. All of these steps need to be completed before moving on to the next phase which is ideation and brainstorming. Every team member sits together and talks about the kind of work they want to move forward with.

They discuss the tone of the campaign, the theme, everything. Once these technical points are locked, the creative starts working on the concepts and content for that particular campaign. In this phase, just like any other, the clients’ thought process is considered and also what the brand stands for. It is important to cover this ground in order to be sensitive and inclusive of the client’s wishes.

A digital agency in Pakistan, or even a conventional one provides advertising and marketing services and works on the same steps when it comes to campaigns be it any client from any industry because the basic rules of marketing stay the same.

The creative work

Once the creative team is done with the content and concepts they hand it over to the design department where the visual part of the campaign is taken care of and one that will be visible to the audience soon.

Designers then do their own research about the brand and what its competitors are doing and how they can improve and bring innovation in the way this particular brand is portrayed. Once they are clear on how to take the campaign forward they start designing according to the content and concepts provided by the creative team.

Checks by different departments

Once the designs are finalized, they go back to the creative department for review. The creative team critically analyzes the designs and makes sure that they are according to the brief and cover all the areas required by the brand and the client. Once this check is completed, the client services department does their check and makes sure that everything is proper and in a way which is acceptable to the brand.

They then share it with the client. The client then critically analyzes the work of the advertising agency and checks to see if they have followed the directions and kept the brand’s image intact.

Keeping the brand image intact

Every brand has an image which needs to be maintained throughout different campaigns. The tone of campaigns can change but how the brand has positioned itself in the past should not. To ensure this, agencies hire people who are best at what they do and make sure that whichever client they are dealing with, they start working on it once they are clear about the positioning of the brand otherwise the entire team’s work suffers.

So, in order to devise campaigns for any brand and make them so that they improve the brand’s image, one needs to follow these steps just like an advertising agency does. 

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