How Can Candles Add a Special Touch To Every Occasion?

Candles are an ancient tool with the basic purpose of lighting up space and providing light in the darkness. With time and the invention of newer modern light sources, their popularity and use decreased for a long time. Pandemic has had hit hard and we are getting a pressing question. Such as that how one can relax their mood? However, now people are using candles and they are used for several purposes in many households. Some companies have a specialty in making candles. Not just their making but their presentation by special candle boxes is important as well. Candles are used as a mood changer and it relaxes you for a long time. Although, candles are known to create a relaxing and soothing mood.

Candles heal you and your soul with their aromatic scent. Moreover, candles give an impressive look to your room. Aromatic and scented candles add a pleasing fragrance to your room. These scented candles can be bought on various occasions. These candles bring a delightful experience to your home. The brightening light of candles gives a beautiful ambiance. However, nothing can beat the level of scented candles. Create a calm and cozy environment with candles. Make yourself feel warm and sound with candles.

Let us talk about what makes candles so special and where you can use them?

Use of candles in older times

In older times when there were not many sources of light candles were easy to use and affordable tools. Every house had candles to generate light when the sun got down to create a warm yellow light in their homes for use. Not only that, but people also used candles to create warmth in cold weather. Some people had candles to keep track of time. They used to serve as a sort of hourglass by burning out slowly to give an idea of passing time.

Composition of candles

Candles consist of some very simple and basic parts. They have a wick that is like a thread to which you put the light. The other component is a flammable substance such as wax or tallow. This wax can be from any source and various types of wax go into the making of candles. There is beeswax that has a sweet fragrance but is a little expensive than the other types. Then there are other affordable options like soy wax, paraffin wax, and gel wax that you can use. For these delicate candles, you need custom candles boxes that can keep them safe.

Purposes of using candles

You can use candles for a lot of different purposes some of which are the following. Whatever the type you will always need to pack them safely with the help of custom printed candles boxes.

As a source of light

The most basic use of candles is to generate light. They are the most inexpensive, easy, and basic way to act as a source of light to date. Although there are many alternatives to candles in modern times. Still many people like the calming and warm light of a candle. Candles brighten the rooms or any other such places. Moreover, candles are versatile in nature. Bring a calming environment with bright candles.

On birthdays

However, the times have become modern, the tradition of lighting a candle on a birthday cake will never go away. It is an age-old tradition which people always follow on their birthday regardless of their region and status. Candle packaging wholesale boxes ensure their safety for storage. Similarly, these candles can look appealing in different hues. As it can also be customized according to the number of age. People usually cut the cake and blow a candle. It gives you a remarkable feeling.

On a special event or dinner

A candlelight dinner would be incomplete without the presence of a beautiful display of candles. People love to use candles to bring a romantic touch to their intimate evenings by using candles. Candles form an ambiance of warmth and intimacy that can make your event or dinner more special.

As pieces of decoration

One of the most popular uses of candles these days is to decorate your space with an elegant look. Scented candles add to the ambiance of your personal space whether in your home, a restaurant, or a spa with their aroma. You can get custom-printed candle boxes to increase their visual appeal.

Types of candles

You can classify candles in many different types depending on their dimension and style. Aromatic and scented candles are just a step away. Maintain the fragrance of candles with appealing boxes. Their proper packaging and to retain the freshness there are custom printed candle boxes available in the market. Following are the basic types of candles available in the market.

Tea light candles

These are the smallest type of available candles. They are present inside small round metallic containers and do not burn for very long. They are however available in many shades, and you can embellish them in many ways. These candles will bring a nice touch to your small event or a special occasion and look great in photos. You can pack them inside a variety of candle boxes wholesale.

Pillar candles

Pillar candles are one of the largest type of candles present. Their name suggests their nature and their look. These are thick, cylindrical, and large both in length and width. They also function for a very long time, and you can use them without a candle holder very easily. You can use custom candle boxes wholesale to pack them and fit them with accuracy.

Votive candles

These are also small candles but bigger than tea light candles. They need a container of glass or any other material to fit them. Votive candles are often used when you need a large number of candles in rows like in a church.

Tapered and cartridge candles

They are thin long candles that are very simple yet burn for a very long time. Due to their design, they need a candle holder to keep them standing. Custom printed candle boxes are a great way to pack and store them to retain their shape and freshness.

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