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Here are some handy and smart tips to maintain and protect your furniture covers

Property-owners, who love decorating their places concentrate on the subtleties of their interior décor. One of the most important investments in this regard is sofas and their covers. Purchasing the right sofa covers is crucial as it adds comfort and beauty to your living space.

Along with buying the best products, you need to maintain the sofa covers as well. In fact, that’s more important. Adequate upkeep and after-care are indispensable to keep your furniture covers looking new and clean for years.

You need to reduce stains and spills on sectional sofa covers and slipcovers. It’s always in your best interest to avert situations or scenarios that could lead to a spill or stain. You need to pull up the covers at routine intervals. You need to pull it up and shape the covers with your hand after hours of use. 

Covering for self-storage

Bubble-wrapping the fragile and breakable parts of the furniture covers is an important thing. Do remember that your furniture comprises multiple parts. Some are more delicate than others. These are flimsy chair/led spindles, weak bedposts, and brittle table holders and legs. 

  • These parts necessitate extra caution and care to thwart scratches, chips, or nicks while moving the furniture from its designated location to a self-storage place. 
  • Additionally, use a sturdy and quality bubble wrap to wrap each part. It provides another protective layer.
  • Say no to plastic covers. The thick ones may initially seem wonderful, with their capability to repel liquid spills, and block dust and dirt.
  • The downside to plastic is that it’s not a breathable material. It suffocates the natural composition of your covers, leading to damage and condensation.
  • Instead of plastic, you can pick blankets, sheets, or cotton covers that provide breathing space to your materials.
  • Pick covers that can fit into your belongings. Don’t buy stuff that’s too tight. It damages the piece’s breathability and stretch.
  • Loose covers are also bad as it leaves space for dust and dirt to accumulate. Length is another crucial consideration because mammoth covers can cause tripping hazards in your property. 

Thwarting dirt and stains

To make sure that your furniture covers are in their best state, get some quality fabric protectors. Using ugly towels and ugly sofa covers to cover your furniture are a relic of the past. Thankfully, you have enough upholstery/furniture fabric protectors in the market. They are also available in liquid forms that entail convenient packaging in spray bottles. 

  • These protectors prevent spills and stains from penetrating into the piece and creating dark spots. 
  • You can use vacuum cleaners and lint rollers. The later is useful when you’re removing pet hair from the sofa. It’s an easy and effective technique to tackle such recurring problems.
  • Vacuuming is another effective technique to thwart lawyers of dirt and dust. Experts recommend you vacuum your furniture weekly for enhancing the room’s air quality and killing the fabric’s allergens. 

Many people forget to purchase slipcovers while installing a new sofa. Slipcovers have soft fabrics that blends with your couch. You can easily apply and remove them. 

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