Heartburn Remedies and Effective Preventive Measures

Heartburn is a burning sensation at the lowest part of chest, and it happens when the stomach acid irritate the bottom of the throat. The condition of many stomach aches define as bloating, acidity or else. This is definitely an uncomfortable condition. And the most immediate heartburn remedies are yogurt and antacid. There are some preventive ways need to know by those people who often suffers from this heartburn, is a way of effective preventive measures.Natural and Medicinal Heartburn Remedies
Here is the list of natural and medicinal heartburn remedies that can reduce the symptoms :
Eating Yogurt
Eating a small bowl of plain yogurt is one of the best and effective heartburn remedies. Every time you suffer from acid or heartburn, eating yogurt is definitely a fast way to cure it. Eating yogurt regularly will prevent from the suffer of heartburn.
Antacid neutralizes acid within the stomach. You can get from the drugstore without prescription. It contains magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide to cure the symptoms. Some brands are Zantac, Tagamet and Pepcid.
Heartburn Remedies Using Chamomile Tea
Drinking chamomile tea can cured you from heartburn symptoms. Drinking this tea after each meals can prevent you from suffering heartburn. You can also drink peppermint tea as substitute to chamomile tea.
Apple Cider Vinegar
When using apple cider vinegar as home remedies for heartburn, just mix two teaspoons with 1 teaspoon of honey.
Lemon and Water

Lemon and water can be used as natural heartburn remedies at home. Add juice from 1 lemon that you squeezed into a glass of cold water. Lemon has an alkaline that give quick effect to cure heartburn.
Heartburn Remedies for Pregnant Women
Pregnant women wouldn’t want to experience heartburn symptoms during their pregnancy due to its extremely uncomfortable condition. But the symptoms can be prevented by Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines like antacids that contain calcium. Still, any pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking any antacid.
Heartburn Prevention Tips
Here are some heartburn remedies and effective prevention measures can be considered as part of your life style to live healthy and untouched by uncomfortable heartburn :
Avoid Fried or fatty foodstuffs when you suffer from heartburn.
No chocolate, peppermint, ketchup and mustard.
No alcohol, coffee and sodas.
Addition foodstuffs such as tomato sauce and vinegar are a no no and useless.
If you need to have a Citrus fruits or its juices then keep it very minimum.
Never mix aspirin, anti-inflammatory and pain killers with acetaminophen.
Don’t eat too much and have meal only in small portions.
If you happen to be eating meals, then eat minimum 2 – 3 hours before going to bed.  Less than that, you surely will suffer heartburn
Losing weight can help prevent from heartburn.
Stress also factor causing the heartburn, relaxing with yoga or aromatherapy might consider good choices.
Don’t wear  tight clothes.
The habit of smoking will increase the condition of heartburn, so you better stop smoking.
Provide your home with antacids and yogurt, they can give you quick relief.  After take a heartburn remedies, but If you still suffer heartburn more than 3 times a week, having severe symptoms such as vomiting blood or chest pain, you might as well consult the doctor.

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