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Gold Coated Flowers for Pooja: Importance of these

The word Pooja is derived from the Sanskrit word, which means honor, reverence, homage, worship, and adoration. According to Hindu Mythology, pooja is the process of performing a Worship ritual that is mainly conducted by the Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains. However, to provide devotional offerings and homage to one or more deities in the form of prayers, these things are considered. Also, it is a spiritually celebrated event to honor a guest who is almighty. 

Apart from everything, the Pooja can include various things that are needed to perform the festive, like the flowers, lights, water, food, and other decorative like the Gold Coated Flowers for Pooja.

What are Gold Coated Flowers?

The Gold Coated Flowers for Pooja are the most fascinating things. These are the materials that look and are shaped like flowers. Also, it is a long-lasting product that can be used on several occasions. The upper coating of these materials is made up of gold and silver as well. You can further choose your desired products. These are available in various styles as well and provide you the opportunity to choose from the vast. 

Furthermore, the Gold Coated Flowers for Pooja are elegant forms of flowers that can be used several times. These are not like the other types of flowers that get wither in a due course of time. If you want you can use this again and again. It is a highly durable form of decoration that can be used on any kind of occasion and can simply make your house look beautiful and elegant. 

What is the importance of Gold Coated Flowers for Pooja?

There are several types of Gold Coated Flowers for Pooja, some of them might include Jasmine, Rose, Lotus, and many more. It has a huge amount of importance that is further listed below:

  • It is Easy to Clean.
  • You can carry them as they are highly portable. 
  • These are highly affordable. 
  • It can be reused several times and has a huge amount of durability. 
  • A person can avail various sizes of this that can perfectly adjust to your home temple. 
  • These are mesmerizing and look beautiful. It can change the whole attire of your temple. 

Hindu Worship: Elaborated

While worshiping the five deities in the Panchayatana Pooja including Shiva, Devi, Vishnu, Surya, and Ganesha, few steps are needed to be performed that are further described below for your better understanding:

  • Bathing

According to the mythology, the deities at the very beginning need bathing to further process the worshiping. In this bathing of the idols, the idols first needed to be free from the vistas or clothes that they are wearing. After that, the water needs to be poured with the Gosrnga, commonly known as the horn of the cow for the Shiva lingam. The sankha or conch is further used for Vishnu. 

  • Clothing

The next steps further include the offering of clothes. I this process several types of new clothes are provided to the idols. This is performed to cover the idol with an attractive, beautiful dress. It makes the idols look beautiful and fresh. 

  • Decorations

Decorations are also included in the worshiping. The deities needed to be worshiped with flower decorations. Gold Coated Flowers for Pooja are the most beneficial thing of this process. It looks beautiful and also fulfills the offering of flowers. 

  • Incense Lighting

Hindu worshiping is incomplete without candles, diyas, and other forms of lightings. Dhupa or incense is also offered to the feet of the deities. This further symbolizes peace and harmony around the whole house. 

  • Encompassing

In this process, the Pradakshina is performed three times in the clockwise direction to show love and respect to the deities. It is performed with the hands and ends with a namakara posture. 

  • Enervation

This is the shastangapranama position where the devotee lies down straight in front of the deity. The face of the devotee remains towards the floor and the hands remain in the namaskar posture above his/her head facing towards the deity. 

  • Prasad Distribution

In the last step, the Prasad that is provided to the deity as food is distributed to the other persons to share the blessing of the god. 


Thus you already got the information regarding the importance of these with the help of the above points. However, if you really want to avail yourself of materialistic flowers and are also looking for other decorations for your temple or home to look beautiful, then you can consider the Classic Dance Jewelry platform. 

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