Gas or Electric Water Heaters: Selecting the Right One When Moving to a New Home

Homebuyers have a lot of things to consider and plan before making this big decision. Something that people usually forget when it comes to choosing the house of their dreams is picking the right tools that make life easier. For instance, the right water heater does make a difference and you should give some consideration to it. So what should you keep in mind?

The usual lifespan of any water heater usually lies between 8 and 15 years. Taking this into account, it is pretty normal that there will be a time when you will be required to replace the water heater. After you have begun researching for a new heater, you will have to select between a gas and electric water heater. 

Even though most people are likely to opt for the same kind of water heater they had previously, this may mean that you are missing out on the hot water system that is most suitable for your house. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of water heaters. 


While you take into consideration the functionality of water heaters, the electric water heater is usually easier to operate than the standard gas heater. As its system operates completely by using electricity there is no need to turn on the gas for starting the water heater. It makes the electric water heater all that more simple to manage.


When you compare the efficiency of the gas water heater with the electrical unit, you will find that the electrical water heaters are more proficient. Even though it is less expensive to run the gas water heaters month to month because of the lower cost of natural gas, the gas heater utilizes more energy for operating and releases waste into your environment. These gas byproducts also take some of the heat together with them making them less efficient than compared with the electric water heaters. 

The electric heaters, on the other hand, will use almost all the energy it receives to make the water hot thereby making it more energy-efficient. Although there are many efficient gas water heaters available out there that use less energy overall. Some of these systems will usually have Energy Star Labels.


Before you think of the price of water heaters only, try to consider other elements that need to be changed in the bathroom, such as shower replacement or getting new curtains. 

If you need a bathroom remodel, you are going to have to work with professionals such as the ones who work with bath remodeling in Sacramento. Working with contractors will immediately affect the costs and you must keep that in mind.

While most of the people concentrate on the must-have kitchen tools, you shouldn’t ignore the ones needed for your bathroom. This is important to know because you will know how much more you can afford to spend. So, are water heaters expensive? The overall costing of electric versus gas water heaters is pretty much identical. The gas water heaters come at an average cost of between $1300 and $2600. It means there is a higher upfront cost involved in buying gas water heaters. But, the cost of using natural gas is lesser, and therefore, you will end up paying a smaller overall monthly utility bill. For the electric water heaters, this costing is the opposite. The electric water heater will cost less in terms of upfront payment with an average cost of around $950 to $1500 but the monthly costs will be higher.

Selecting proper and professional services

When you are not sure about selecting the right water heater viz. gas versus electric water heater for your household, you can call in the services of expert plumbers in your area. As a water heater is one of the more significant systems in households if it fails you will need the services of pros close by. For instance, if you are looking to buy water heaters in Sacramento, it is a good idea to contact reliable plumbers in the Sacramento area. However, if you are only renting the place, consider calling your property management company for help. They will make sure that your problem with water heaters is taken care of. 

Maintenance needs

When you are analyzing the maintenance needs of electric versus gas water heaters, you will find that the gas heaters need more attention. However, in all probability, you will be required to get both systems flushed properly for keeping the build-up of deposits at the bottom of your tank. In the case of gas heaters, you will have to periodically inspect gas tanks and gas lines to ensure that there is no gas leakage or buildup of sediments. In any event, it is recommended that you perform an annual checkup of both systems to make sure that your water heater lasts for a long time. There are many health benefits of tidying up your rooms so you shouldn’t be lazy to invest some extra time in maintenance. 


The installation procedure for electric and gas water heaters is pretty much straightforward. However, it can be pretty troublesome to switch from a gas water heater to an electric water heater. This is so because if you change the location you will need new gas lines to run the water heater. Even though the idea of using hot water at any time you wish is great, let’s face it, it will not be fun to receive the energy bill. These criteria have to be considered when you select between electric and gas water heaters.

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