E-Learning Vs Online Tutoring: Understanding The Difference

E-learning vs Online tutoring, according to some parents, are the same. They confuse both terms. The two, however, differ in many ways. Our goal with this blog is to tell the differences between online tutoring and e-learning.

Online tutors are available in different parts of the country. Whether you’re searching for online tutors in Luton, Bradford, London or any other area of the United Kingdom, your kid can benefit from experienced instructors.

The areas that we will consider in this article are following:

How Do They Work? 

E-learning, also known as virtual learning, is an electronic way of educating students. It can also provide performance support. Also, an e-learning program can consist of many different materials. 

These materials can include PDF documents and video demos of lectures. Tutors provide live, personalised tutoring services to students using interactive digital tools. Instructors can also better focus on their student’s specific educational needs.

Both students and tutors/teachers will communicate on the same platform through audio, video, and an interactive whiteboard. Students and tutors/teachers will share information over audio. Also, through zoom meetings or whiteboards for better understanding.

Communication With The Teachers

Materials for e-learning are in the form of soft copies. For instance, the tutor uses PowerPoint presentations or Word documents. It also includes pre-recorded video presentations. Besides email and social media, the students can also make an appointment with the teacher. Other than these options, students can also schedule an interview with the teacher.

The tutor conducts the live class sessions hand. Tutors/teachers review material such as assignments and test papers, and help students with the homework. This way students get live help from a qualified teacher. 


Students sometimes quit online courses due to the lack of self-discipline. Various factors contribute to this problem. The problem begins with a noisy environment full of distractions. They were followed by an unhealthy lifestyle that emphasises comfort and lack of direction.

Personalisation in e-Learning vs Online Tutoring 

The e-learning teaching method is standard and rigid. The learning materials available through e-learning resources are not comprehensive.

Each student receives the same materials for academic study. The materials, quizzes, and assignments will be uniform for all students, no matter how well a student knows the subject. 

Online tuition allows for the personalisation of learning structures. An online instructor customises every lesson. They focus on the student’s study habits and learning methods.

It is possible to switch the teaching style to make the learning process more efficient. Students’ learning materials vary according to their learning styles, abilities, and shortcomings.

All materials are customized to ensure that students get the help they need. Regardless of whether they have already mastered the topic or need time to catch up, students can learn at their own pace, according to their learning style through customised learning.

Guidance Through E-Learning vs Online Tutoring

E-learning is an independent process, and elementary students need aid and support. Parents assist them because they are young. The teachers/lecturers in higher education provide little guidance to students. Once they reach a mature age, they can learn things and finish the homework without any support from their parents.

Online tutors or teachers guide students through their assignments and learning materials. Tutors/teachers will improve the student’s understanding, by clarifying any confusion a student may have.

E-Learning Benefits

The classroom environment can feel boring for many students. The process of e-learning is far more interactive and fun. It allows students to take part in learning and makes learning more memorable.

Learning through e-learning systems is easier for adults. Many e-learning platforms can benefit adults in improving their vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. Learners can learn in the style they prefer. Therefore, the learner can access e-learning materials at any time. So, there is nothing that holds them back.

Online Tuition Benefits

Getting an education via distance learning is a great way to reduce your expenses. You don’t have to move to another city or country which allows you to save quite a bit of money. On top of that, the courses themselves are often cheaper, so you save money on that.

Moreover, you can take classes wherever you are. This option is popular with students that have learning disabilities. Furthermore, the burden of going to an educational institution is off your shoulders. So, students can focus on their education.

For some students, classrooms aren’t a match. They want to learn from home. Hence, you can also homeschool your child with online tuition.


E-learning vs online tutoring have their pros and cons. It is up to students what kind of help they decide to seek. Online tuition in Slough has been providing services to students for quite some time. Equip your child with modern learning and make them productive members of society.

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