Dropped Phone in Water? Cell Phone Repair In Vancouver May Help

Were you having fun in the water with your friends without thinking about your cell phone? Did you drop it in the water? Now you have a water-damaged device without a 100% chance of its restoration. Availing of cell phone repair in Vancouver may resolve your problem. Plus, you might have heard if some tips and tricks to restore a water-damaged device. Those tips and tricks may not work for you at all. However, let us discuss those with you to figure out the best solution for restoring a water-damaged cell phone.

  1. Rice Trick: You may have heard of the rice trick often to restore a water-damaged phone. Uncooked rice is water-absorbent; thus, people share this trick often. Firstly, raw rice is not water-absorbent to a level that silica gel and oatmeal are. The rice trick is time-consuming and can damage the internal circuit of your phone. Why? Because you will need to wait for hours for the rice to absorb water. It won’t help in getting rid of water from the internal circuit of your mobile phone.
  1. Freezer Trick: You may prefer a freezer trick and stick your waterlogged smartphone in the freezer. You will need to wrap your smartphone in towels to avoid frost damage. Then, store your wet device in the freezer. It will decrease the conductivity of water molecules to prevent the short circuit when you use your phone. Nonetheless, this is only a temporary solution to fix a water-damaged device. Ice will only take some time to melt and mess with your device again. It may also affect your smartphone’s display screen. Hence, this is also a useless solution considering the consequences.
  1. Bake-Off Trick: You may proceed with the bake-off trick to revive your water-damaged phone in Vancouver. You can put your wet phone in the oven to deploy this trick. Make sure you remove the SIM card and battery of your cell phone first. You should bake your phone at 125 degrees Fahrenheit for a few hours to recover your device. Is this the best solution for water-damaged cell phone repair in Vancouver

The bake-off trick is a horrid idea to recover a water-damaged device. It can burn your cell phone screen and may warp the printed circuit board. Even the adhesives insides of your phone may liquefy because of heat and break connections in the phone’s circuitry.

  1. Alcohol Trick: You may soak your wet phone in a 95 percent alcohol solution to get rid of the liquid from the phone. Then, alcohol will evaporate and dry your cell phone completely. Alcohol is a solvent and melts plastic. Thus, using alcohol to remove water from your wet phone may dissolve phone parts, such as LCD and cables. In iPhones, alcohol may release the adhesives and deteriorate their internal circuitry. Hence, using alcohol to restore a water-damaged device is not a good idea, as well.
  1. Silica Gel Trick: You may utilize the effective desiccants, silica gel packets to revive your wet phone. You may place the wet device in a bowl of silica gel packets and cover it with a tight-fitting. The silica gel trick usually takes 48 hours to dry the water-damaged device and is not always effective. This trick is not a long-term solution to restore a water-damaged device.

What Is The Right Thing To Do to Restore A Water-Damaged Device:-

You should instantly turn your device off, remove its battery and SIM card. Then, you should wipe its internal parts carefully with a soft cloth. Blow it using the hairdryer to let the moisture escape from it. Put your device’s components back again and turn on your cell phone. It may start functioning. If it doesn’t respond, you should visit a credible cell phone repair shop in Vancouver for the fix.


Water-damaged cell phones are never easy to restore, even for phone repair technicians. Some cell phone users follow the tips and tricks that people share online to restore water-damaged devices. Those tricks are as follows:

  1. The deployment of uncooked rice.
  2. The freezer trick that requires a few precautions also.
  3. Bake off trick to get rid of water.
  4. Utilization of alcohol for restoration.
  5. Silica gel trick to revive a water-damaged device.

These tricks are not effective in restoring the water-damaged device. Nonetheless, you should instantly turn off your cell phone when it encounters water damage. Then, you should wipe it with a soft cloth. Dry it for some time to get rid of the moisture. Turn on and see if the phone works or not. If it doesn’t, avail of water-damaged cell phone repair in Vancouver from a reputable phone repair shop.

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