Dismissed from medical school? What can be the way out of the mess?

Hello! Hello! Are you an aspiring doctor? Are you facing some serious issues at your med school? Do you want some piece of advice? Well! Here is the place where all your curiosity will find its answers. If you are dismissed from medical school, do not worry, as the night is still young, and you have a lot to see and experience. Yes, getting into a med school is hard for your fault or some other fault that is not even under your control; if you lose the place, it might get frustrating. But where there is a will, there is a way. 

What will be your first step when you receive the dismissal notice?

The dismissal notice will have the date mentioned in the disciplinary hearing. The first step that you will take after getting the notice in hand is to contact a medical defense lawyer. A medical defense lawyer is a legal representative who handles the cases involving violating the code of conduct laid by a medical school and helps the medical students get out of the mess. The time between the day you receive the notice and the day of the hearing is not very long. So, you will need to act quickly and get a lawyer on board because they will need time to chalk out the action plan. 

How will the lawyer help save you from dismissal?

The lawyers are experienced personnel who know the tricks and how the disciplinary committee works. 

  • They might try and prove your innocence. The lawyers will talk to you and learn about the situation that has led you to accusations. If you are sure you have made no mistakes, then the lawyer will gather the evidence and witness to support your innocence. However, if it is your fault, they will advise you on how you can justify yourself in front of the disciplinary committee.
  • If you are guilty and there is no way to prove your innocence, the lawyer will advise you to negotiate your punishment with something less, like instead of dismissal, ask them to suspend you. 
  • If it is not an offense and a chronic medical condition, the lawyer will collect all the documents to prove that you are fit to study and work further. 

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