Create in a world of Girls Craft! Build your own fashion empire!

The interesting and loosening-up puzzle game you’ve been seeing this time is at long last a reality! Hands down the most astute will actually want to settle these mind secret tests to save the young lady from the scoundrels pursuing her! Each level will give you a situation that you should utilize your IQ and mind to address. Settle the interesting test effectively and the lady will continue on. Fail to understand the situation, then, at that point, it will not end well for our go girl games

Create in a world of Girls Craft! Build your own fashion empire! Create a boutique or shopping mall. Decorate your boutiques! Design hundreds of stylish items! Style and makeover yourself! Choose one of many avatars! Build, create in the world of girls’ craft: building & crafting game for teenage girls! Exploration of the fashion world! Creative game for teenage girls! Let the adventure begin! Be a top model, become a top girl in high school! Surprise your boyfriend! Make your BFF (Best Friend Forever) jealous of your new style! Shine like a star! Create and be creative in a Building & crafting game for teenage girls! Invite your boyfriend and friends to a fashion show! Use blocks to create buildings and fashionable items! Hundreds of colorful textures are ready to be used by you! Become a designer! Have fun with fashion! Explore all the hottest and trendiest fashion brands and choose the right outfits for every event or occasion. Pick a classic summer look for the fashion magazine photoshoot, and a sexy alternative look for the club! Be a Princess! Craft, build, create! Best exploration and design game in the store! Adventure game for girls! Glamour, superstar game! Enter the world of fashion. Create your own fashion world or copy the fashion Capitals: Rome, Paris, Milan, or New York! Be a fashionista – make all the Fashion Youtubers go wow when they see your fashion empire! No silly Pony game! No unicorn! No cute cats and puppies! A serious game for a serious girl! The fashion world is awaiting – let the fashion story begin!

Stay in and play the most irresistible and girl go games. Feel the satisfaction of tackling amusing and troublesome issues and shielding the young lady from danger. Utilize that large cerebrum of yours and how about we get to addressing it! 

Game Features: 

1. Try not to get tricked! 

Each level presents you with numerous decisions – make the right responses to continue. Wrong answers will bring about difficult yet interesting results to the young lady! 

2. Such countless levels to play 

Each level is exceptional. Such countless various difficulties for you to address. 

3. A good time for the entire family 

Everyone can play Save the Girl. On the off chance that you get befuddled – request help from your loved ones! No disgrace in doing whatever is important to settle these intricate riddles. 

4. Basic and Addicting Gameplay 

When you start you will need to continue addressing the impending riddles. This is the best puzzler out there! 

5. It is that game from those advertisements 

Indeed, it really is.

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