Most people prefer treatments to be completed in a hospital. However, under some circumstances, it becomes difficult for people to visit hospitals and clinics on daily basis. This causes an interruption in carrying out the treatment at a proper pace. Moreover, due to an increase in the number of patients in hospitals, most doctors fail to give individual attention to every patient. Which can result in unannounced problems to rise.

Due to this, the convenience of medical services at home was introduced. With the advancement in medical sciences, new and portable technologies have been developed. These technologies have helped us get better and easier treatments in hospital, as well as at home. Now we can get medical services of specialists such as, speech therapists, physiotherapists, ICU trained nurses, medical attendants, general physicians, caregivers etc., from the comfort of our own homes.

Among these services, in Pakistan one of the most demanded service is that of caregivers or AYA. A caregiver simply works to provide care for a patient of any age group. Caregivers are there to help lessen the workload and burden of taking care of your loved one in need. Taking care of a physically disabled patient or medically ill patient along with running errands around the house can eventually become tiresome and hectic. In these conditions, getting help from a reliable caregiver can save your energy, time and help your loved one get more directed attention. Getting help from a caregiver can also prevent any unannounced conditions or casualties from arising.


A caregiver provides medical and non-medical attention to a patient in need. Caregivers are trained to deal with all kinds of conditions. You might need a caregiver to help care for a disabled child, elderly patients with medical conditions, a patient recovering from surgery or any other reason. You can hire a caregiver for 12-24 hours according to your patient needs.

The medical services that a caregiver provides majorly includes, maintaining and recording vital signs, keeping track of medicinal dosage, transportation of wheelchaired individuals etc. Patients with conditions such as dementia, blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory or heart disorders mostly require medical care. 

However, the non-medical services that a caregiver provides includes, bathing, cleaning, toileting, eating, dressing, grooming, cooking or any other service required by the patient. Caregivers provide services to ease work around the house and provide all services required to manage that.

Emotional care is very crucial in order for any patient to recover. Most patients are already suffering physical pain along with emotional breakdowns and resentments. In order to help them recover better and faster, caregivers provide emotional support with compassion by making meaningful conversations and other activities. Furthermore, caregivers can also provide travelling assistance, help in getting grocery, running basic errand like laundry, cleaning, doing dishes etc.


You can choose to become a caregiver voluntarily and pursue it as a career as well. Being a caregiver is a rewarding profession but also comes with many responsibilities that must be kept in mind at all times. The basic degree required to become a caregiver is that of GED or high school. Moreover, you also need to get a state approved personal care assistant course along with a CPR certificate.


Being a caregiver is not an easy job and requires a lot of time and effort. If you choose to become a 24-hour caregiver, you will have to manage your personal schedule in such a way that most of your time and attention is given to your patients. Qualities like compassion, active listening, proactiveness, observation skills, cleanliness and time management are very important in this line of work. Furthermore, caregivers should have a good temperament control and patience in order to get along with the patient better.


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