“An Overview of treasury health care units operating in Pakistan ”

Medicine is one of the most honourable and noble professions because it directly touches the lives of people by curing their ailments and saving their precious lives. According to The Holy Quran, the one who saves life is greater than the one who takes a life. This puts doctors to the pedestal and makes them the epitome of nobility. Lately the world went through a real hard time. We all fought with the pandemic but the doctors were at the front row. Health is the most important thing in the world the pandemic taught us. Talking about Pakistan, the country somehow remained safer than the rest of the world, it relatively saw lesser casualties.

Pakistan’s health care department is making great progress 

Pakistan’s health department is progressing every day. The number of doctors graduating is higher today than ever. There are a large number of government tertiary health care units which are providing best medical services to the people and along with that many best private hospitals in Pakistan are also operating where the best doctors in Pakistan are practicing. These hospitals have all the latest machinery which is also being used globally to treat patients. These are some of the famous government hospitals working in Pakistan.

Mayo Hospital Lahore

One of the oldest and most prestigious hospitals of Pakistan, it lies in the middle of the city and King Edward Medical College, the renowned medical college in Punjab province is associated with the hospital. 

 Jinnah Hospital Karachi

It is the biggest government hospital working in Karachi, it is located in Cantonment area and in 2015 almost 1 Million patients visited the hospital. It is well- equipped with all the best medical machinery and facilitates the patients in every possible way. 

Bolan Medical Complex Hospital Quetta

It is the largest running hospital in Quetta, Balochistan, by the government, its condition is not that good but it is certainly moving ahead towards progress.

Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar

This is one of the largest and oldest hospitals working in Peshawar the capital city of KPK province. It was opened in 1924 and since then it has been serving the people of Peshawar and suburbs in the best way.

Above are mentioned government hospitals each from one province apart from these there are many other tertiary health care units operating. All the best doctors in Pakistan practice in these hospitals and provide best medical services to the patients. Let me name some of the best private hospitals in Pakistan

Well, there are many private sector hospitals operating in Pakistan which are playing a very important role in serving and making the lives of people better. 

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center 

The hospital is dedicated to research and treatment of Cancer. The hospital is one of its kind in Pakistan which serves in the field. It was founded by current Prime Minister Imran Khan. It also works as Trust and fully facilitates the deserving patients, as cancer treatment is very expensive not everyone could afford it. It was initially opened in Lahore but now it has also moved to other cities like Peshawar and Karachi. 

Aga Khan University Hospital

This is the most renowned tertiary health care unit in Karachi. It was founded by Aga Khan and treats multiple diseases.

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital     

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital also known as MASH is a tertiary health care unit operating in Southern Punjab. The hospital is one of its kind medical facilities in the vicinity with state of the art medical equipment which fully comply with international practices. The hospital has the team of best doctors in Pakistan. Just like any tertiary health care unit MASH has many departments working. The hospital bettered the lives of natives in a great way, it made a huge difference in the lives of women with its super equipped gynecology department which runs round the clock.

Spring Clinic  

The hospital not only facilitates patients but it also creates awareness among people about multiple things. For instance, mental health, before MASH, mental issues were no less than a taboo for the people of Multan rather they never considered it a serious medical problem. MASH opened a clinic with the name of “Spring Clinic” which is devoted to cure mental issues. Many well-learned and experienced psychologists and psychiatrists practice here and also educate people about the seriousness of such problems and how important it is to take care of mental well-being. 

These are few of the government and best private hospitals in Pakistan which are providing the best medical facilities to the people of Pakistan. 

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