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A Mini Guide to Buying the Perfect Cycling Helmet for Your Kid

Cycling is an excellent sport for children. It provides them with the benefits of exercise, freedom, fresh air, and independence. Thus, inculcating their interest in cycling goes a long way in making them healthy individuals when they grow up. While the activity is quite safe, you cannot avoid an occasional tumble, particularly as children learn to ride. It’s why you should always consider investing in a kids bike helmet having features like lightweight adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. Here are the crucial things to look out for when planning to buy a bike helmet for your child.

Check for Safety

Every bicycle helmet that’s sold in Australia should fulfil the Australian Safety Standards. It guarantees you that the helmet will provide complete protection to your kid if they experience any impact. Always check the Australian safety standards when you are buying a helmet online from an Australian store. 

Find the Right Fit

A helmet cannot be regarded as an item that your child will grow into. If it does not fit them properly, it will not be able to protect them. If you are uncertain about the correct fit, don’t hesitate in asking the staff members at the store about it. The helmet should comfortably and firmly sit on top of your child’s head. It should not shift from one side to the other when the child moves their head. That’s why it’s essential to purchase those having adjustable straps or dials. These functionalities provide a more precise and comfortable fit for your child.

Look at the Construction

There are majorly two construction styles of bike helmets, namely, hard shell and in-mould. Both these styles feature an external shell made from plastic as well as an internal layer of polystyrene foam. Both these styles impart adequate protection while cycling. The differences in these styles are only related to two things. They are the thinness of the external layer and the thickness of the outer layer.

In-mould helmets are lighter and have more air vents because of a thinner outer layer. Hardshell helmets resemble round skateboarding helmets and feature a thicker outer layer. But they have fewer air vents. You should ask your child which one they prefer and feel more comfortable in. 

Pay Attention to the Design

The colour and design of your kid’s helmet are quite significant. If your child doesn’t like these elements of a helmet, they won’t be inclined to wear it often while cycling. Today, you can find a kids bike helmet with the specific girl and boy designs having as many as 12 air vents. It ensures proper ventilation and comfort. It’s essential to explore helmets in colours that your child prefers. They can be anything from black to pink and red. Children also like helmets that are spotted or striped. Never forget to ask your child if they like the colour and design of their bike accessory. 

Know When to Buy a New Bike Helmet

Ideally, you should buy a new helmet at an interval of every three to five years. But it’s wise to immediately replace them in case of the three situations mentioned below:

  • The child has grown out of this bike accessory, and it doesn’t fit their head correctly.
  • If the bike helmet has incurred damage from a crash, it cannot provide sufficient protection.
  • Any part of the helmet, like straps, buckles, or outer layers, is broken or worn out.

Always ensure to purchase a helmet that offers a snug fit. It should stay on the head despite any twisting or jerking. For making such a purchase, pay adequate attention to the tips mentioned above.

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