A Brief Guide to Choose Best Intermediate College in Pakistan

Worried about choosing a college for your higher secondary studies? Stick to the article. I’ll release your stress by providing you tips to choose your college. 

Whether you are trying to find a new college or you have received a number of acceptance letters, and are struggling to choose. This article is going to provide you with ease in this domain. Read the article carefully and maintain your checklist. Compare the college with your checklist and choose the college confidently.

List of points to check while selecting a college:

  • Cost
  • Location
  • Size
  • Academic Programs
  • Quality of Professors
  • Social Activities
  • Career Support


Cost is one of the most important points to keep into consideration while choosing the best intermediate college in Pakistan. In Pakistan many of the expensive colleges can charge up to 5lacks per year. The colleges with so called concessions can put a family on the verge of bankruptcy. 

The best way to go through this step is to make a budget for your education. Making budget and choosing the college carefully can help you and your family to keep track of money and you can continue your studies without any financial pressure


When a student gets passed from the school and is in search of the best international college. He/she never keeps account of the location, climate and geography of the college. But you have to keep in mind that modern research explains that these factors do have influence on your studies. 

You should go to the places that match your personality whether they are small peaceful towns or crowded large cities. Judge your personality, ask yourself that you are comfortable with your family or you will perform more efficiently when you live alone.


Some of the Giant colleges in Pakistan enroll thousands of students per year while the smaller ones get a few hundred enrollments. If the giant college is providing individualized educational experience by providing you the class rooms with less number of students then you should go for that. 

If the giant is unable to provide the feel of individualization in studies then you should go for the colleges that have comparatively less strength in the classes. Strength affects your studies in several ways. For example, a professor teaching comparatively less students in the class can focus on every student while the one with a massive number can’t.

Academic Programs:

Always go for college with more academic programs. Majority of the students explore different majors in the first year to find out their interest. So the college with more programs is the best choice to find your interest.

Quality of Professors:

Before selecting any college you should check the most important thing in any college “Professors”. Your study will be totally dependent upon your teacher so check this point very carefully. 

Some of the college’s higher adjunct professors, these professors do hold professional degrees but they are not highly paid as permanent faculty and they have to teach a large number of students in a single class. So, be very careful while testing the faculty of the concerned college. Quest of finding the best intermediate college in Pakistan will be 80% when the above given steps are followed keenly.

Social Activities:

I know your checklist to find the best international college is not complete yet. The next point in your checklist should be social activities. Extracurricular activities play an important role in building a sound mind and sound body. The college with low or zero social activities can’t produce brilliant rains of nation. The perfect leader of the nation is the one with the perfect combination of both mind and body.

Career Support:

Last and the most important point of your checklist is to go for the career support check. Majority of the students these days are unaware of their interests and goals. The career support in the college holds one on one sessions with the students which enhances the interest to find their career goals. 


Choosing a college to pursue your career is not an easy task but if you have read this article and have your checklist with you nobody is going to stop you to lay your hands on the best college. Be careful while choosing the college because it is the base to build up your future.

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