Exercise or simply, running is an extremely effective way to exercise for people of all ages. Running can be done alone, but do you know all the 9 benefits of finding a companion? Join us to learn about the unexpected positive effects of having a running partner!

1. More friends are more fun

Are you used to jogging alone every morning in the park? Why not try inviting a friend to exercise with you? Adding a running buddy can make your workout time less lonely. Short conversations before and after running help you reduce fatigue, more mentally excited than training alone. Especially for those of you who are at the beginning of training, having a friend will bring more excitement and excitement to every hour of running.

2. Boost your motivation every day

Fellow runners can take advantage of mutual monitoring to maintain a regular running schedule and increase intensity at the right time. If you are alone, you easily develop a mentality of laziness, hesitation on cold days, or busyness also makes you neglect your practice. The companion will then become a source of motivation for you, both like a couple moving forward, both ensuring your health and helping you practice.

3. Add competitive “spice”

If you run alone, people are sometimes easily satisfied with their results and that will limit your ability. Running too, you can always run faster, longer distances than yesterday. However, if you do not have a guide or supervisor, you will easily accept when you reach the milestone of 5 km or 10 km… Therefore, running comrades together can create a competitive atmosphere, especially between races. Male friends, and this is a strong motivation for the opponent to improve and challenge their own abilities. The benefit from a running mate is not just the excitement, but also the healthy competition that interacts so you always get the most out of your life.

4. Performance is enhanced

Running alone can help you run faster, but running with a team will help you run further. Experience from individual and relay runners is that running with friends can improve performance by 10-20% compared to training alone. Therefore, it is undeniable that having a running partner will help you speed up your training process, and reach the finish line sooner.

5. Make sure it’s safe

Maybe many of you are less interested in this issue because it also depends more on the location of the choice of running. But whether you regularly jog in crowded, familiar places or empty streets, having a companion makes it easier to deal with dangerous situations. Especially, for girls, running alone in the morning or late at night has potential risks of harassment, kidnapping or even rape. When running alone even in a crowded place, it is actually difficult for anyone to care and check your safety. Therefore, inviting a few more comrades to practice with you can help you prevent unnecessary danger.

In addition, you should also consider the case of an injury while running. For older people who are more likely to have diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, jogging alone is absolutely not recommended.

6. Share experiences together

According to the Active Times, running with friends is a golden opportunity for us to gather and expand our knowledge by receiving advice and tips from others. We, especially when we are sports buddies, always love to talk about our experiences and share what has worked for us. You can get advice from your runner on running movements, posture, and advice on how to improve. Sharing from friends will give you a wide understanding and knowledge not only about running but also other sports.

7. Establish commitment

As mentioned above, running is both a friend and a teacher. This is an opportunity for teammates to establish and commit to regular exercise, eliminating laziness. Humans tend to pick up on the traits of companions, so regular, disciplined practice with others will help keep you and your teammates committed to training, not just for yourself, but for the team as well. . Solo runners often lack these firm and fixed commitments.

8. Stress relief therapy

Instead of coffee meetings with friends to relieve stress, you can organize a run together, both as a way to refresh the meeting and convenient to exercise. The friend system and constant movement will help distract you from negative thoughts, boredom or mental fatigue. Back-and-forth conversations while running will make you forget about fatigue, help you maintain health and healthy mind.

9. Bonding friendship

Undeniably, all community activities can help bring members closer together. Relationships become strong not only because of the opportunity to share more, but also because of the atmosphere where people are often together.

What’s more, friends who jog together if they’re just acquaintances are more likely to become good friends later on.

So the benefits of having a running buddy are undeniable. If you are still hesitating with the plan to practice running every day or find running boring, quickly find a jogging partner for you to get ready for a healthy body and a happy spirit!

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