7 Ways To Rest Your Eyes After Long Screen Time

These days, screen time is often seen as a culprit. If you are a person who excessively sneaks glances at their phone, Ipad, or laptop, then you are more prone to have sore eyes that can irritate the nerves responsible for better engrossment. For instance, if you are experiencing loss of focus, blurred eyesight, headache, dry eyes, or haven’t had a sound sleep lately. Then excess screen time can be the sole reason. Eye strain can also occur in many cases, where people tend to focus on Blue Light screens. These illnesses can ruin your overall eye health or visual quality. When vision worsens, individuals tend to reach out to ophthalmologists. They will also point out all those points where you have excess screen time and will probably prefer to cut some out. So why shall one do it? 

When the Covid 19 pandemic came, some drastic changes were happening around us, and the digital lifestyle came as a substitute for in-person jobs. After the viral outbreak of the deadly virus covid 19, individuals became habitual in doing assignments and attending online meetings. Poor eye health was the aftermath of the virus outbreak. Working individuals are affected the most by this aftermath, as they have a lot on their plate. They got to pull off those online meetings and projects on a tight schedule. However, in busy paving through all those hustles, they forgot to watch out for their health. Teens were also affected as they had to pull out through online lectures provided by their institutions. It further resulted in them having aspects at a tender age.

Many methods and medications are available to help you overcome such troubles, but they might have some chemicals that can be damaging in the long run. But guess what? You can try options like CBD at CBDistillery at, which might help prevent these concerns. So let’s know more about how to ease out all that discomfort.

7 Ways To Help You Can Alter All Soreness

Here are quick ways to ease out all that eye-related discomfort. Moreover, offering you a break from that screen marathon.

  1. Devour Paper Books

This modern era is all about the E-reading obsession. Nowadays, book readers or reading enthusiasts are leaning towards using online platforms for reading. E-reading exerts more exertion on our eyes than a book reading as you bawl your eyes out to read all those miniature words. Unlike E-reading, paper books are convenient to use without any side effects, as we don’t have to put much effort into reading the content written on a piece of paper. Moreover, it can be a therapy after excess screen time. Offline reading can also surge your experience, as you might have realistic emotions relating to the content. 

  1. Stick To An Alarm

When deeply engrossed in work or an assignment, we forget to take breaks so our minds and vision can relax. We often notice an irritating pain in the back of our skull that can be soul clenching, excess screen timing, or indulging more in concentrating on the blue lights can lead to this pain. But as luck would have it, numerous applications can help you by reminding you to take breaks and calm your eyes between screen glancing. Many apps also offer exercise schedules between work to decrease the tension between your eye muscles. 

  1. Write Down Your Schedule

Writing down can look old-school, but it is the most effective without any harm. Currently, most workaholics use online note apps to track or write down all their schedules so they can effortlessly access all their schemes. But, if you note them down on a piece of paper, it not only lessens the strain on your eyes but also will be beneficial for recalling, as you will remember more of what you hear. 

  1. Indulge Into Board Or Outdoor Games

We often notice individuals playing chess online or on a gaming app, where it seems so easygoing. But, excess concentration on the screen can weaken your nerves, resulting in you getting blurry vision. So, board games can be much safer and more convenient to enjoy, as you can relish your childhood without worrying about discomforts. Outdoor games can also help you have a more rational experience with your good old days. When your eyes get enough oxygen after a good game match outdoors, they work without any dryness for a longer time. 

  1. Track Your Screen Engrossment

These days folks are indulging in long screen time without having any track of timings. This malign habit can adversely affect one’s overall eye health. Several studies show that individuals do not track their screen timing and concentrate for 8 hours, which is a lot. Teens and kids are also not behind in this race, as they also indulge in prolonged screen glancing, which can result in eye soreness and dryness. 

To have a track, you can prepare weekly schedules in which you note down the timings you have to indulge in screen and relax. Composing them on sticky notes can be a more peaceful and easygoing habit. 

  1. Desk Exercises

Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS) can happen due to excess screen glare. Unfortunately, it is quite a common illness these days. But, many desk exercises can lessen your eye stress like flexing, blinking, focusing on near or farther away things, palming, and cutting out all lights can be some potent exercises. As a working individual, you can better relate to what soreness and eye strain look and feel like in reality. 

  1. CBD Might Be Helpful

Marijuana Industry is stepping into a whole new scenario where it’s no more illegal. Moreover, users are unleashing and relishing its potent benefits. So now, let’s know how CBD may help your eyes.

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound procured from the Cannabis Sativa Plant. Its cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Experts suggest that some CBD-infused products like oil and eye drop might be beneficial to soothe eye strain, soreness, and pressure caused by long screen glares. Hence, CBD might be a substitute for those harmful medications out there. 


It’s hard to keep up with eye health, as individuals these days are living a digital lifestyle, which forbids them to stay away long from screen time. Therefore, these tips and CBD-based products may come in handy for such individuals and are easy to consume. However, if these signs endure longer than usual, consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. 

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