7 Best Post Running Foods For Muscle Soreness

Deciding to start a workout program looks to be an easier task. You may think that you will run 2kms a day, alter your diet and set high goals to get healthy again, but that’s not all. The part that might pull you back from regularly running is muscle soreness. It is common to face muscle soreness after physical activity, especially running. It may not allow you to be on track and make it difficult to get out of bed. It might hurt you so hard that you prefer to be lazy rather than run.

It is because your muscles might face immediate exposure to stress. This discomfort might gradually increase in 24 hours and can last for about 48 hours. Some might also experience it for about 3-4 days. This pain might make you feel that you have done something wrong? But don’t let muscle soreness make your enthusiasm for running go down. Products such as Delta 8 gummies from TRE House might help ease muscle soreness. This blog will discuss foods you can have after running to beat muscle soreness. 

What Is Muscle Soreness?

Muscle soreness is a condition that arises due to stress which you lay on your muscles while exercising. The majority of people might suffer from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness which is normal. It generally starts 7-8 hours after your workout session and might last for two days. It arises due to the inflammation within the muscles themselves. You might experience muscle soreness after the following events:

  • Initiating exercise or workout program 
  • Suddenly increasing intensity of exercises you already do
  • Doing the same stuff again and again
  • Running

All of these are the risks of muscle soreness that everyone might face. Thankfully having muscle soreness might also indicate that you are growing stronger. Hence it is nothing alarming. But in case you want to beat it, you may find relief by adding some food items to your diet. Keep reading further to know foods that help you deal with post-run muscle soreness. 

List Of Foods To Treat Muscle Soreness:

Here is a list of some food items that can help you recover from muscle soreness post running: 

  1. Watermelon

Watermelon is the go-to fruit in the summers and has fewer calories while possessing two beneficial compounds. These compounds are citrulline and lycopene. The citrulline present in it might help your body produce nitric oxide and delay the fatigue you might experience after running. Amazingly you might also be able to deal with muscle soreness by consuming watermelon. It contains about 90% water and can be an appropriate food item for post-running sessions. You can either have it alone or add it to some other dishes. You can dress watermelon with olive oil or lime juice if you wish. 

  1. Vegetable omelet 

Eggs are known to be a natural powerhouse of energy that might fulfill all your post-run needs. It has vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins necessary for your body. Protein is the building block of muscles and hence consuming a tasty veggie-infused omelet is helpful. And the protein that you can achieve from an egg is best to fight muscle soreness after running. Also, having a protein-rich breakfast has been linked to better muscle recovery. Know that protein can work better when you are on your journey to lose weight. 

  1. Apples or bananas

You can opt for low-calorie foods after running to recover from pain or soreness. The moment you reach your home after running, you can savor apples or bananas along with peanut butter. Combining fat from peanut butter and natural carbohydrates from fruit is better to boost your stamina and recover from a run as soon as possible. Innumerable scientists believe that a compound name quercetin can help you deal with joint pain and muscle soreness. Apples can also help deal with inflammation making you heal faster after the run. 

  1. Delta-8

Delta 8 is a marijuana-based product derived from a hemp plant with leaves with tapering ends. It is better in quality than all other THC products. Although it is present in low amounts of hemp extract, it is the most valuable. Delta-8 might relieve inflammation and help you deal with sore muscles after running. Although extensive research is needed to prove the benefits of Delta-8 for pain relief, present studies are also promising. It binds with CB1 receptors and hence is uniquely effective for muscle soreness. You might include Delta-8 gummies or oil as a post-run product to deal with muscle soreness. Delta-8 is safer than other Delta counterparts, making it stand out from other Marijuana-based products.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the best and most preferred food options when you are on your mission to lose weight. It provides necessary carbohydrates, but it can help you get energized after a workout or running session. And it would also avoid crashing of energy later. You can also have oatmeal before running to prepare your muscles for the upcoming task. It contains octacosanol, which can improve the usage of oxygen by your body. This element is crucial to help you avoid muscle soreness that a person might experience after running. 

  1. Chia seeds

Post-workout food is about essential fatty acids, for example, omega-3 fatty acids. Research has proven that consuming omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation and muscle soreness after running. Consuming chia seeds can help youw gain fatty acids that are healthy and beneficial. Just add them to your oatmeal or smoothie to make your muscles feel relaxed. One could add it to your pre-workout routine. It is an extreme recovery fuel that might mitigate pain induced due to running. 

  1. Whole Grain Bread

Indeed, you don’t need to quit carbs when you work out. It would be best to consume quality carbohydrates that don’t increase weight as they can fuel up your body. Consuming will provide your body with nutrients like fiber, protein, B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper. You can have a whole grain bread post a running session to increase energy and deal with muscle soreness caused due to it. Combining peanut butter and wholegrain toast can be a go-to food for post-running sessions. It is a decent combination of carbohydrates and proteins that can decrease muscle proteins’ breakdown. 


If you don’t let your muscles recover from any harm after exercise, you are putting them at the risk of further damage. Hence incorporating food items into your diet can help you recover smoothly from muscle soreness and charge you for another session. Above mentioned food items might be a great addition to your daily diet if you run daily. If you have constant inflammation in the muscles and there’s no improvement in it, you must consult your doctor.

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