5 Marketing Strategies to Drive More Roofing Leads at a Lower Cost

They say, “Nothing in life comes for free.” And yet, it’s natural human psyche to want more in exchange for less.

Your company can go either way when it’s about setting up a business that targets homeowners and residential customers. You may lead the industry by becoming a reliable home service company, or you might end up wrapping up your business. 

Success lies in using the right marketing strategies to become customers’ favorite. And it applies regardless of the home service you cater to – even roofing. 

Why Is Internet Marketing Important for Roofing Companies?

Some roofing companies make it a point to reserve big marketing budgets, utilize PPC strategies, and other paid tools to cut the chase. 

While spending money to get to the top is highly sought-after and completely acceptable, it isn’t the only way to get more leads. And it isn’t applicable if you’ve just stepped foot in the market. 

For bigger companies, money can work wonders when getting commercial roofing leads. However, it becomes impractical as a small business, especially when targeting an audience sitting at home with the internet as their playing field. 

Remember, the pandemic has opened the doors of research to users. So, your potential customer has ample reasons to turn to your competitor if your roofing company still considers traditional marketing the way to go. 

On the other hand, internet marketing:

  • Makes it faster to reach more customers 
  • Offers broader visibility
  • Is more cost-effective

Feeling pumped up to know about the marketing strategies that won’t disturb your budget?

Read on to find out. 

Marketing Strategies to Get Roofing Leads without Spending $$$

Take Advantage of Google My Business Listings

Have you ever noticed the airport waiting area with many people standing for their loved ones to arrive? 

Often, the person comes and takes some time to spot their attendant. At other times, they recognize the person arriving to pick them up because they’re holding a prominent card with the person’s name in their hands. 

Google My Business Listing or GMB works like that card. 

It gets you on top of the search results, giving your potential customers complete information about your business. This information includes your:

  • Physical location
  • Contact details
  • Services 
  • Photos & reviews 

When a user searches for ‘a roofing company in Austin, TX,’ your GMB listing will come into play. Google’s algorithm will crawl your site and recommend your business to the user in your service area. 

GMB listings are free and let you showcase your business on the web. 

Prize Your Positive Reviews

One of the contributing factors that rate a GMB listing higher is the number of positive reviews a business has. 

Since people rely on word of mouth and recommendations to try a new company, positive reviews become a prize to cherish. You can ask your previous customers to post reviews on your GMB profile. 

The more positive reviews you have, the more likely you are to get recommended. 

The result? You can get more leads at the cost of requesting testimonials – literally no money required. 

Create Locally-Targeting Service Pages

As a roofer, you must determine your target service areas. Confusing your website visitors with ‘roofing services in Austin, TX, and surrounding areas’ can fail to bring you noticeable visibility. 

Instead, be clear about the service areas. After that, create targeted service pages to define where you offer services. This way, a potential customer landing on your service page will get a clear idea to avail of your service based on the precise location. 

Focus on Content Optimization

Content optimization goes a long way than only adding your services and areas.

First, you must understand the audience’s psyche to know what they are searching for. Several paid SEO tools can help determine the keywords users type while searching for roofing companies. 

While you might feel keywords like ‘roofing company’ and ‘roofing experts’ will suffice, both are short-tail keywords. 

The trouble with short-tail keywords is the high competition you will have to face. So, although the intent is clear, many other roofing companies also add these keywords to their site content. This makes it virtually impossible for your site to rank on Google’s top results. 

The best way forward is to use long-tail keywords that specify your location. For example, you have a higher chance of getting ranked on Google with the keyword ‘the best roofing company in Austin, TX.’ 

Pro-tip: Don’t overdo keyword usage. Keep it optimal but don’t stuff your content with keywords, as it causes Google to mark your site as spam. 

Monitor Your Performance Metrics

It’s natural to feel excited once you start getting roofing leads. However, tracking which of your marketing strategy is delivering those leads is vital too. 

Doing that can help you pinpoint how to make further enhancements and update according to the changing trends. 

Start Driving Your Roofing Business toward Success Today!

Getting leads and seeing your revenue increase gives a feeling that nothing does. So much so that it makes you forget your struggles to reach where you are. 

Start applying the top marketing strategies in this blog at a low cost. And if you feel like a helping hand, contact lead generation expert Newell Starks for guidance. 

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