5 Exciting Design Trends Dominating the World of Vinyl Decals in 2021

These days, the general public is over-exposed to advertisements. They see billboards, banners, posters, etc., everywhere they go. That’s why business owners must pick the designs and styles of their marketing materials with caution. High-quality vinyl decals have always been extremely appealing marketing tools.

When applied to cars, well-designed decals are almost guaranteed to provide brand exposure. But the design of your decals needs to be up-to-date and relevant. Or else, other marketing materials on the street will steal the attention of your target audiences. Here are five exciting decal design trends of 2021 that your business should consider using –

Minimalist Design and Clean Lines

For some brands, less is more. If your marketing message is simple, leverage minimalist designs. Use one or two colors. Make sure your decals have clear line designs. Use blank spaces to create an overall decal design that is not cluttered. The hierarchy of the text sizes and design elements should be simple. The simpler the design of minimalist decals, the better they look.

Vibrant and Fresh Colors

The practice of using the newest palette options for designing marketing materials is not new. Every year, marketers track the Pantone Color Institute’s list of new shades and hues to create up-to-date marketing materials. This year, the color neon is on the rise again. Many businesses are applying neon-colored decals on their vehicles as this vibrant color enhances their vehicles’ on-road visibility.

Follow these color-related guidelines while designing your decals –

  • Make sure the brand colors on your decals are consistent across all marketing materials. Or else, customers may not associate your brand with that color.
  • Pick lighter colors that absorb less heat if you plan to use your auto decals throughout the day.
  • While picking color combos, make sure the colors contrast each other.

“Retro” Design

The “retro” design craze doesn’t just apply to auto decals – it applies to cars in general. More people are buying cars with the “retro” look. That’s why decals designed to look like racing stripes are back in fashion. A brand message engulfed by broad black racing stripes is guaranteed to receive public attention.

Just remember that vinyl stickers/decals on your vehicles’ hoods will take a lot of beating from direct sunlight exposure. Engine heat may make the adhesives on the vinyl melt. So, always get decals with maximum outdoor ratings.

Jet Black Decals 

Why pay for real carbon fiber when jet black decals can make your cars look just as sleek. This design trend is ideal for businesses that want to make their brands appear classy. Many commercial trucks and cars are being completely covered in jet plant decals. These decals give the cars the much-desired “carbon fiber” look.

Color Combination Craze

If you’ve noticed cars with ultra-colorful decals, you’re not alone. Decals with crazy color combinations are designed to be eye-catching. They’re ideal for food trucks and traveling sales professionals because they generate mass attention.

Which of these decal designs is right for your business? Find a custom decal seller now and make the most of these design trends!

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