15kW Solar Panel System: A Perfect Size for Home and Business. 

15kW solar systems are a great system size for large households that have high levels of energy consumption or businesses that have small to middling energy needs. People across the globe can meet their power needs to a great extent just by installing a solar panel system on the roof space. Due to all the benefits of solar systems, thousands of people are installing solar panels. One of the most popular types of solar panel systems is the 15kW solar system. In this blog, we will talk more about 15kW solar systems and how using them is so good. 

Some advantages of using 15kW solar panel systems:

There are a number of advantages that you can get by installing a good 15kW solar panel system. These advantages are as follows:

  • Less to zero electricity bills

With 15kW solar panel systems, you can generate free electricity in a large amount. On average, you can save up the surplus power and lessen your electricity bill by 70-80% if you use your solar system wisely. Also, you may not have to pay any bills if your solar panel system is generating the appropriate amount of electricity for your house or office.

  • Easy maintenance

After the installation of your 15kW solar system, it functions on its own because it is a self-driven system. You won’t have to do any other thing to make it work. Also, it requires no supervision for a solar system to run. So, it can keep on generating free electricity for the next 25 years with zero to low sustenance expenses. 

  • Passive income

Net metering is a crediting system that helps the user to transfer the surplus power generated by the solar panel system to the grid for credits that can be balanced off the electricity bill later on. It can only be used with grid-tie solar panels or hybrid solar panels.

  • Protection of the Environment

The byproduct of all the advantages of installing a solar system that you read above is the environmental advantage that can be generated from it. You can contribute to curbing carbon footprint and environmental degeneration by generating power from solar energy and using it to meet your power needs.

Output of the 15kW solar panel systems

A good 15kW solar panel system generates from 1700 to 1800 units of electricity each month. The electricity produced is more than sufficient for a large household and even for a small office. However, the units of electricity produced depend on various factors. One of them is the sunlight, i.e., the amount of time it receives the sunlight each day. Some other factors on which the productivity of solar energy depends are:

  • Location & climate
  • Whether the panels are installed under a shadow zone or not
  • Tilt angle of the solar panel array
  • Orientation of the solar panel array
  • Operating temperature of the panels
  • The performance of the individual components like the panels and the inverter

However, you will surely get a chance to generate the worth from the15kW solar system price that you pay to install the system. 

How much space will you need to install a 15kW solar system on your rooftop?

A  new 15kW solar system will be comprised of about 45-55 panels. So, it will require a large space, i.e., about 75-95 m2 of roof space, depending on the wattage of the panels. You will have about 45 to 55 panels they are typically between 250-330W each. It means that a 15kW solar system will not be an option for most homes unless you prefer ground-mounted.

The Final Thoughts

The 15kW solar systems provides a prefect way to use a renwewable form of energy without causing any harm to the environment. So, if you are now ready to install a 15kW solar system on your roof top, you can simply just reach out to solar system supplier. You can easily reachy out to one in your city and check out the 15kW solar system price so that you end up buying a good solar panel for your household or office. 

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