10 reasons to buy an electric skateboard in 2021

Want to buy an electric skateboard. But having second thoughts. Here we have jotted down 10 reasons why you should buy an electric skateboard over a simple skateboard. 

In the 21st century, everyone wants to reduce their traveling time. So, speed is inevitable. Slow ones are left behind while faster ones take everything. So, we must speed up as everything is at a much faster pace.  

Electric Skateboards are not a new thing, but they are simply the evolution of Skateboards. E-skate is not just an exciting eco-friendly and safe ride, but it is a ride that can make your short journey thrilling and adventurous. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and small vehicles, which can cover long distances just in a couple of minutes.  

Let’s state a couple of reasons why you should buy an electric skate right now. 

1- Commuting. 

2- Speed 

3- Brakes 

4- Safety 

5- Economical 

6- Eco-Friendly 

7- Exercise 

8- Social Circle 

9- Technology 

10- Fun 

Now we will explain all these reasons in a bit more detail. 

1- Commuting 

E-skate is the easiest way to commute not only because they make life easier in the hustle-bustle of traffic on the busy streets, but also because we all know that the price of gas is going up in the sky day-by-day. It is an arduous task to just sit back and look out of a window while being stuck in a traffic jam. While on the other hand, we can easily drift through traffic jams.  

You can feel the air passing through your ears, which gives you the feeling of freedom and independence that your journey is under your control. 

2- Speed 

One of the most important reasons why you should buy an electrical skateboard. By far, for me, the best thing about the higher-end e-skates is their speed. Hardly of them go over 20mph, which doesn’t sound that fast until you get on an e-skateboard and actually go that fast. 

An electric skateboard ables you to constantly go fast for miles and miles down in the deserted streets, with no effort. The world truly does seem to fall at your feet. It is an arduous task to just sit back and look out of a window while being stuck in a traffic jam. While on the other hand, if we have an e-skateboard then we can easily drift through the traffic jam. 

3- Brakes 

The first thing that comes to our mind while buying any vehicle is about the safety if it can provide us or not. Whether it’s a car or even a bicycle. No one will be willing to buy a vehicle if his safety is in question. So, in the case of E-skateboards, we should be questioning their safety. First of all, we know that an electric skateboard is a remote-control skateboard. So, it has a braking system powerful enough to protect us.  

The braking system on an e-skateboard is by far more effective than braking on non-powered electric skateboards. That’s why they’re a lot safer than regular skateboards. Quite literally, all you have to do is push a button, as the remote control you hold controls whether the board stops or goes. My experience with braking on standard skateboards is to twist my ankle as I suddenly throw my weight under myself. 

4- Safety 

Safety is the most important aspect one should keep in mind while buying any vehicle. Some e-boards come with a feature of automatic braking. Cool! is not it? E-skateboards use regenerative braking, which is a process most brushless hub motors use for braking. Now, it’s mostly accepted that hub motors are more efficient as well as safer than belt motors. But can everyone agree on the fact that regenerative braking is a lot safer and reliable than using your feet or bodyweight to slow down an e-skate? 

5- Economical 

As we all know that the prices of everything are skyrocketing. Especially the prices of the vehicle are not something a not person can afford. Even if you are a wealthy person, you will have to buy fuel on the regular basis. While on the other hand, the electric skateboards are pretty cheap and economical even after buying them, the only thing they need is a bit of charging. 

According to a survey, the cost of running a car in America is $0.51 per mile (where gas is relatively cheap) in other countries like UK and Europe, it is even more. An e-skateboard saves your fuel cost, maintenance, and other bucks. So, basically buying a skateboard is a money-worthy trade.  

6- Eco-Friendly 

Now-a-days everything is consuming fuel which in return gives out harmful gases. The heavier the vehicle the more it changes the atmosphere by expelling harmful gases. A few years ago, it was reported that the ozone layer has been depleted to a harmful level, and caused many problems such as skin cancer. “Every year, gas and diesel emitting engines cause more destruction and damage to the environment than weapons.” A typical passenger vehicle emits around 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. 

So, we should play our role in the reservation of atmosphere. everyone is turning towards a greener way of living due to drastically rising global warming threats to lives. “The only thing you can do in this matter is to minimize your carbon footprints from nature, and Go Green.” 

Not only it will make you proud but can also change many people to leave fuel-emitting vehicles behind and adopt an eco-friendly way of traveling. The best way to do so is by buying fuel-free vehicles like electric skateboards. 

7- Exercise 

Now a days everyone is in the race to earn money and has forgotten to take care of their health. Health is the thing which is most important and must be taken care of. Sitting in the car makes your body lazy, and lethargic. It does not matter how many miles you may travel you will always end up feeling sluggish and indolent. As riding in a car does not make you, do many efforts except for pressing pedals and shifting gears. Whereas, in electric skateboards, you can do a lot of stunts, so they can be a reliable source of exercise.  

As you ride, your core and leg muscles get activated in order to keep yourself on board which gives them a feeling of working out. If you want a more challenging aspect, then you can always go for a leg-push to skateboard like a normal board. It would tone your leg muscles even better. This can count as one of the top best benefits of owning an electric skateboard. (“10 Reasons Why You Should Own an Electric Longboard”) 

8- Social Circle 

  Everyone has become so busy that they have forgotten to get socialized. Socialization is one of the important things one should take care of. When you get a new electric skateboard, you actually enter into a community of millions of cool skaters. There must be a gang of skaters around your neighbourhood or nearby that get together on regular basis bolting down the street. These new friends can help you with your ride, give you useful tips as well as ticks but also teach you some pro- stunts easily. If not that, then at least they can join you for a thrilling ride someday to make your jaunt more memorable.  

9- Technology 

With the advancement of technology, everything is getting automatic. So, one should get himself familiar with the latest trend. Absolutely, an electric bike will be faster than a pedal bike. This is because the motor accelerates you faster much easier than your legs can. This theory holds up when you see that e-skateboards will always be faster than pushing.  

 Just as climbing up hills is fun, there’s only one reason we climb those hills: to go down them. When you’re riding Longboard down a hill, you’re going as fast as gravity will take you. When you go electric, though, you have the additional factor of the power wattage of the motor chugging you along – pushing you down that hill, making you go a heck of a lot faster and have a lot more fun.  

10- FUN 

One should enjoy his life as much as possible. But, in this busy life man has forgotten to properly enjoy himself. Like when you’re in the driver’s seat you have to focus on the road and oncoming traffic. Centering on the road and only the road takes away from the pure pleasure of traveling.  

When you’re riding an electric skateboard, you don’t have to worry about focusing, that really hard. E-skates give you more opportunities than regular skates to look around you and smell the roses as you’re riding. 


Regular Longboard 

  • Short Range 
  • Manual Brakes 
  • Need more muscle power 

Electric Skateboard 

  • Long Range 
  • Automatic Brakes 
  • Eco-friendly and helpful, less muscle power 

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